There was this family. Father, mother and two young sons. They were an upright God loving family. They each prayed to their Father God regularly. They believed in God the Father the creator and supreme ruler of all. The sons play fought between them but they loved each other. The sons adored their parents and obeyed them to the letter. The parents loved the two sons. All was good in this family. God loved this family. The two sons were a year apart in age. The older son William was now getting restless. He was now 21. William was bored, he hated doing the farm work. Joseph the other son even though he wanted more in life, he buckled under and did his work without complaint. William began to complain. There was no stop to Williams complaining. William wanted out of the family farm, he wanted to experience new things further afield. The parents tried to placate William but to no avail. William finally went to his human father and said “Father I am of age now please give me my share of the inheritance”. 
The human father pleaded with William to be patient and wait. William still asked for his inheritance. The human father saw that William was not going to give in so he went to the bank and gave William his share of the inheritance. William was a happy at seeing all the money. The parents were sad. Joseph was angry with his brother. William wanted fun. William told his parents and brother that he was leaving home. Next day William left home. William walked and walked and walked. A man came by with two horses in tow. “How much for one of your horses” William said. “For you my boy only one hundred dollars”. The horse was only really worth $30.00. William said “I will take it”. William was now a horse owner. Off William trotted. A city came in to view. “Wow what fun I will have” thought William. “Girls girls and girls”. Soon enough William got to the city. He saw a hotel and booked in. “I will give you twenty dollars for the horse” said the hotel owner. “Its yours” said William thinking he can afford to be generous. That night after a meal William was off to the red light district. Many girls were inviting William in to their houses. “Have fun” they said. Soon William was spending up big on these flesh pots. After a couple of hours with the women he discovered a gambling den. He bet big. But he was losing big. He decided he needed some drink. A stranger took him to a beer hall. William drank much. Then it was back to the hotel. Then the next few nights he did the same, it was the women, gambling and beer. He slept all day. William made many friends. His new friends followed him around. William bought his friends food and alcohol. William seldom thought of home and the farm. He did not write to his parents. Mean while at home Williams parents pined over his departure. His parents prayed to God non stop asking God to help their son. God was in that family. But God left William. William had cut himself off from God by his incessant sins. William was now in spiritual and soul darkness. William was usually too drunk now to think about his spiritual darkness. William was getting sick a lot now, he was coughing a lot and he often felt weak. His money was getting low. It was now three weeks of this fun. The hotel asked him for payment. William was getting to be disgusting in his habits. Coming back to the hotel drunk at night and waking up the guests with his loud words. William paid the hotel off. But now William had little money left. He went gambling that night. He went to the roulette wheel. He needed money. He had only $100.00 left. He had an idea to make it big in money. He placed all the $100.00 on one number. “I feel lucky” he said. William was drunk again and was not thinking in his right mind. His friends were still around him. “Give us twenty dollars” one said, another said “Wills give us a fiver pay you back next week”. “Right with you after this win” he said to his friends. The roulette wheel spun. “God” William prayed, “Give me a winner, God please give it to me”. But William was in the dark, God had left William. The wheel stopped. It was like in all slow motion for William as he saw all his money being taken away from him. William was shocked “But God” he said “you have come through before for me”. But God was not listening to William. William was apart from God. William threw a tantrum. He screamed and started abusing the patrons. Security was called and grabbed William and picked him up and threw him out of the casino into the street. His friends followed. “Hey William lets go get some girls your shout”. “I have no money” said William. “No money”. “Yes no money”. “But you are rich, wire your parents and get some more”. “No I can not, I received all my inheritance and I spent it all”. His friends looked at him in disgust. “What a friend you are, you are just a drunken no good bum”. “William pleaded “Can you give me some money to tide me over at least until I can get a job”. “Loser, bum” and his so called friends left him. Soon a gang of male youths came by. “Hey bro give us a smoke” one said to William. “None left sorry”. The youths started hitting William. William fell down then the boots went in. The boys kicked William all over. William went in to unconsciousness. He woke up to hear voices “Sir hello what is your name?” “My name is William, where am I”? “You are in hospital. We have cleaned you up and taken X-rays. You have been in an induced coma for three days and nights. Nothing is broken. You should come right over time”. “Thank you for your help” William said. “It’s not only us who you should thank, meet Dave and Mary, they brought you to the hospital and paid all your bills”. William looked away from the doctor to see a man and woman both smartly dressed and about in their 30’s. “Hello William”. “Hi thanks for all your help”. “The doctor says you need plenty of rest and you can stay with us until you get better”. “But I have no money”. “William at times like this money is the least of importance”. “But I don’t know you”. William was discharged from the hospital the next day and stayed with Dave and Mary. William got his strength back and all his cuts and bruises healed. After seven days Dave and Mary invited William to church. “Have you been to church before”? Dave inquired. “Yes many times I came from a Godly family”. “Do you want to come with us”? “Yes yes” William replied. Over time Dave and Mary taught William about Jesus. “There’s another chance” said Dave. “Jesus took all our sins in his body on the cross and died to them”. Over time William came to know about Jesus Christ and His love and forgiveness of sins. William knew about God and prayed to God but William knew little about Gods Son Jesus. “Dave I went to church with my family, we were a God fearing family, we tried to obey God, we said our prayers and did good works”. “William, God sent His Son in to this world to redeem you of all your sins, accept Jesus in to your heart, ask Him in, and confess all your sins, and Jesus blood will wash away all your sins”. “Dave I accept Jesus. Jesus I am a sinner please accept me You are Lord. Jesus Christ please come in to my heart. I repent of all my sins”. Next morning William woke from his sleep with zest. “Dave can I use your phone”. “Of course William help yourself”. William felt pleased with himself. He had slept well the first good sleep he had for weeks It was like he was back at home. “Dad, Mum, it’s me your son”. “Son son are you ok”. “I am now its so good to hear your voices”. “Son we miss you please come home”. “William how far away do your parents live? “About 100 miles away”. “No problem we can drive you there this afternoon”. “Dad, Mum I can be home this afternoon”. “We miss you so. See you soon”. “Dave and Mary thanks ever so much for all your help”. “William it’s Jesus who restored your union back to God the Father. We just led you to Jesus. Have faith and believe. When I met Mary we were both drug addicts. A stranger helped me and Mary know Jesus and Jesus brought us in to union with His Father and our Father”. 
That afternoon William and Dave and Mary arrived at Williams home. Williams parents and Joseph were waiting at the farm gate. William was crying as he ran to his family, they all four hugged. It was about 5 minutes before the tears and hugging stopped. “Dad Mum and Joseph meet my new friends Dave and Mary”. “Come inside we have a meal on the table”. Dave and Mary stayed until dusk and then excused themselves for the drive home. William had made friends in the city but those friends were only friends while William gave them money. Dave and Mary were true friends. William worked on the farm. Joseph his brother soon got over his anger with William. William told Joseph about Jesus. The family got to know Jesus. Joseph and his parents like William before thought that they did not need Jesus but William taught them the truth. The neighbours soon heard of how Jesus had helped William and his family. A lot of the community were in awe at how God works. This community were God fearing people, did good works, attended church regularly, tithed at church, obeyed the 10 commandments to the best of their ability but they had not seen before how God works through His Son. William changed all that. Jesus was now real to this family and community. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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