Letter to a friend

​Dear friend
Greetings from a fellow traveller. We don’t know where we have come from and often we don’t know where we are going. Some people who we offend might say to us “Go to hell”. It’s a figurative response but it may belie more than just letters it might be metaphor but a deep meaning metaphor with truth. I like to think I am going to heaven but heaven can be a metaphor for a place that is spiritual in the making. Spirit is real, heaven and hell are real but understood only through spirit. Metaphor can explain reality but reality that we often can not see as we can not see God but we know about Him through metaphor. 
Friend welcome to the world of make believe. We make it and believe it. We make up our own world. Our world becomes a stage full of actors. We hide behind masks. No one knows who we are and we don’t know who others are. We act out a part. To show your true self is a no no. We don’t know who we are because we have no mirror to look in to to see our true selves. But there is a mirror – We can look at Holy Scripture. We can try and focus on the One True God. A mirror reflects as truth reflects. God reflects us. God is all truth. Gods Spirit is all truth. We can pray to God or read scripture and reflect. To know oneself through reflection is understanding. To know God is to know thyself. To look at God in faith is to look at thyself because we are created in the likeness of God. Faith means believing in a God we can not see. God won’t reveal himself to a sinful people. Even if God revealed himself we would still sin. God might get angry and kill all of us if He showed himself because we would continue to sin and God hates sin. 
God loves obedience, to obey is to love. Children love to disobey the authority. We are told to do something but we like to do the apposite. Who do you think you are telling me what to do? How we humans hate to obey? We want to do it our way we think we know best we are rebellious so why should God show himself. 
Friend chin up, have faith, believe, love. Pray often and read God. Focus is about one as God is one. Focus on one is sane. Insanity is about many. Walk the Faith and let your head bring all in to focus by the One head one brain one mind. The head is one and is in charge through the mind of Jesus Christ. Your mind is understood in words. Your mind is sane in one head one mind of Jesus Christ. Your senses are the tools of the Christ mind. Use your senses wisely. 
The heart is not in charge, the head is in charge. How humans get it upside down at times. The head is above the heart. The heart is below the head. Jesus is the Head. The body is not ruled by the heart. The brain is in the head not the heart. The brain is in charge of the body. The brain uses the senses. Be sensible and use your senses wisely for the use of the mind of Christ. Immature people are led by their heart. Mature people are led by their head. 
Though man makes believes God is at the same time trying to win His universe back to Him. He does this through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
Bye for now; Lester John Murray.



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