The selfish worldly winners 

From very early in our lives as soon as we become cognitive we learn that life is mainly about winners and losers. If there are winners there have to be losers. It’s like a race. 
Schooling drills in to us to win. School is about competition, we learn this from school sports and doing school exams. This all comes from the jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. Life is like a jungle. The world is a jungle. 
What does Jesus teach? The strong help the weak, the rich help the poor, the wise help the fools, the healthy help the sick, the saved help the lost. We make the weak areas in the chain strong. In Jesus there are no losers we all win. We the elect are in the body of Christ. We in this body are each a part in this body. Each part in this body has a part to play. It does not matter if you are sick, or poor, or low ability, we all play our parts. The less admired parts by this world are given more glory by God whereas the parts admired by this world are given less glory by God. This is so we are all equally given the same glory in the body. 
The world’s teaching is alien to how Jesus teaches. 
Apostle Paul mentions about a race. But this race is not about physical sports or qualifications. This race Paul describes is a race to receive the upper calling to heaven. This race is to live a wise, sensible, loving, moral life based on what God teaches through Jesus Christ. We yearn to be accepted in to heaven at the “Last Days”. 
The world’s race of winning and losing is about money. Gods race of winning and losing is about getting a divine nature and looking to the upward next life. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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