Nash, who added she gave her whole life to the church. “I also feel so stupid that I used to fear and revere these people.”(these people meaning the Catholic priests and brothers). 
Nash, wrong wrong wrong, you don’t give your whole life to the church you give your whole life to God. It’s called the “God Head” for a reason. Don’t live for your body, live for the Head. The HEAD of heads rules. The body submits to the head not the other way around. God is Head. God rules from the HEAD. 
But the priests can excommunicate me from the church. 
If you are truly in the true body of Christ then only only one person can separate you from God and that is God himself. If you are in the true body of Christ no one but God can exit you from the body. The body of Christ is the true church of God. 
A Prophet of God is in contention with the parts of the body of Christ, the prophet speaks and writes the WILL of God. A prophet is seldom contending with Satan and his church but contends with his own people. The parts of the body of Christ are contending against each other and with the head, the body is in stress, there is tension in the body because the parts of the body each try and do their own will as against the Heads will. The church is the body not a man made structure. The body of Christ is a living church. Man made structures are temporary whereas Gods body is eternal. Man made church is not alive. In the body of Christ our heads are alive and our body parts are alive. 
Giving your life to a man made church is wrong. Church can be full of man made teachings. Church can be about man made:- rules, regulations, church laws, buildings, doctrines. Church of this world can not save the soul. God saves the soul. God is the living Words. 
Church fellowship is good. Christians coming together to pray, share and worship God is good. But man brings his her ego to these church gatherings. 
A servant, slave, becomes a friend of God. We were once slaves, slaves to sin, but in Jesus we are friends of God just as Jesus is the friend of His Father God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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