So why do we do these big ego trips to test our physical and mental limits? 
From article: ” “. 

“This testing-yourself-against-the-limits, Pepsi Max-style tourism is a far cry from the early days of climbing Everest. It’s individualistic, ego-driven adventure that is all about pitting you, the individual, against nature – conquering it, and winning.

This type of tourism has to be ego-driven because only that mindset would allow you to override the wishes of the Indigenous people that find your climb on their sacred site offensive, or be wilfully harmful to the environment, or risk your life or those you’ve paid to assist you”. 
So winning is about conquering. Life is about winning and to win is to conquer. We did it, we made it, we got to the top, we are strong, we are winners – so does this all make our egos strong, does this give us high esteem?
So where is God in all this ego highs? 
In getting an ego high we relish the adrenaline rush as we beat human nature. Our ego has won over our human nature.
Ego is not about “mind over matter”, ego is about “matter over mind”. The body wins. 
The head should rule not the body. The head has the brains. The brain rules. The mind is in the head. The mind is in the brains. The head is honoured over the body. The body submits to the head. Testing your body in extreme sports just to satisfy your ego is not using ones head. 
Ego to me is in the heart. Ego is a person. Ego is the old sinful nature, the Adam and Eve nature. Ego in the heart should not rule. The heart should not rule.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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