I don’t see anything wrong with females wearing the burkini. There are some females who respect their bodies and wear modest clothing that covers up their bodies and this restricts their bodies being leered at by males. And having a tanned body is not the be all of life. For many people it’s about getting your clothes off. So it’s nice to see people wanting to keep their clothes on. Males love leering at females bodies. And females encourage this by wearing skimpy outfits. The West can be decadent. 
We take our focus off the head and focus on the body. We think it’s the body in charge not the head. We must look upwards. Males honour your heads. Don’t worship the body. The brains are in the head not in the body. The body does not have the brains; is that not obvious? We must respect women who are modest. 
The burkini is not just for Muslim women and girls but can be worn by any female. The burkini can have an alteration made to it for women of other faiths; we don’t need the head covering. The burkini also protects the skin from the intense suns rays protecting against skin cancers. 
Having a tan at all costs was not a thing of the way past, such is a new invention of man’s mind. Tanning came in after the First World War or was it after the Second World War. My grand parents were not one to sunbathe repeatably. My parents were in to sunbathing. People in the way past were too busy working than to indulge themselves in vanity of their bodies. 
Tanning is total vanity. Tanning is skin deep wisdom, it is shallow wisdom. Now many people get spray on tans. It’s all for show. It’s not about health.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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