Let’s be real here “The disability people get the bum jobs, the jobs able people do not want”. This area of helping disability people in to jobs has to start with the Government – yes our own State and Federal Governments. Government have to lead by example. 

Government have to employ disabled people, employ them in Government Departments; and not in the bum jobs in Government, not as toilet cleaners, but jobs with responsibility, well paid jobs, diplomats jobs, military and defence jobs. When people think of disability people they think the person has to be either intellectually handicapped or total wheel chair based. Disablement comes in many ways. People disabled can be able working in the top echelons of Government or private industry. But because jobs are a “dog eat dog business” people have no time for the disabled at work. It’s dog eat dog. Government have no time for the disabled at work, the Government are setting a bad example to the rest of society at work. Why should free enterprise employ the disabled when their own Government won’t employ the disabled. Why can not the disabled work in administration jobs say in the police or defence or anywhere in Government. The Government put a stigma on the disabled. The Government spend millions of dollars of tax payer money each year to posture to the public that they are really helping the disabled get jobs. You apply for a job with the Government and if you have any sort of disablement you go to the end of the queue of those people wanting that job. It’s “Survival of the fittest” and the Government only employ the fittest. So we have a hatchet job done by the Government with millions of dollars of tax payers money. Ok yes there are a lot of the disabled who sure are not led to be say a diplomat or a military officer but then again there are many that are able to perform those tasks but because Government tars every disabled person with the same brush all disabled are put in the too hard basket. So the disabled who have good abilities are just side lined too. So when I see Government paying large amounts of money to able people who have no disability for them to help provide jobs (not give them jobs) for the disabled it is just one BIG RUSE. It is really no big forward step. Government should be able to find plenty of ability people who have disablements and pay them this big money (now paid to the so called job help agencies), pay them salaries, and they can work it out and help others in the same predicament. But Government won’t employ the disabled. That is the PROBLEM from the start. Government have a stigma like everyone else with the disabled. 
What has to be done and made done through laws through parliament is to rule that Government has to employ a certain number of the ability disabled. I am talking about people who have ability to work in a cross section of jobs. There was Franklin Roosevelt who was disabled but he was a President of the USA. Franklin was commander in chief of the biggest military force in the world at the time. And you might say the disabled can not be in charge of the military, tell that to Franklin. Too late to tell him now. Franklin a disabled man led the largest military might against the Nazis and the Japanese. Not so bad for a disabled man. Disabled does not mean in all cases a loss of ones faculties. There can be a lot of gifted disabled people. 
We need a disabled Prime Minister of Australia who will set the ball rolling.
I perceive: it comes from the heart. We are out really for ourselves and maybe our own family, the ones we really love. Our closest friends. It’s dog eat dog and its survival of the fittest and its no paradise or utopia in this world, just get by and survive, just hope that you don’t fall, if you see a person struggling in the street walk on the other side of the street look away do not get involved. Who are these people who look away? You and me.
Discrimination is a fact of life. We live it and we live with it. 
We get a racist – White skinned people hating black skinned people. We get a misogynist – people (mostly males) hating women. 

But what do we call a person who hates or dislikes the disabled? Maybe call this person a Disablist.
Here’s some words this person may say or think: Lazy, bum, dumb, mental, idiot, deformed, crazy, weird, looney, etc.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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