SEEING IS BELIEVING (just have a one track mind)

I looked and I looked. I sat looking for about 10 minutes before I saw …..what was I looking at? It was no playboy magazine. And it was only after a while before I saw……Saw what? I saw sins. 

In my past as a lost soul in the darkness of deep sins I looked and I looked but as I was then in my old sin nature I would have looked at pictures of flesh like a playboy magazine. But on giving my life to Jesus Christ at a Royal age of 24 years old I have endeavoured to look not in the way of the flesh but in the way of the spirit. So today I was looking and I looked and I looked….then I saw. I was sitting in a chapel in the city. I was looking at a crucifix on the front wall. I saw sins when looking at Jesus on the cross. This crucifix was big, it took a lot of space on a wall at the front of the chapel. This crucifix gazing is not a one off for me, I have done it in this same chapel many times. It just takes a while for me to see…see past the crucifix to the sins. Today I saw Jesus coughing up transistors, resistors, wire, small transformers, coils of wire. I mean these objects were coming out of Jesus mouth. I saw in Jesus stomach a big ball of electronic stuff. It was like the ball had to be broken up into small pieces and then Jesus coughs them up. Today was new to me about this coughing up of electronic hardware. The only connection I see this electronic stuff with me is that my human father worked at as a radio technician all his working life. I mean for him it was all about transistors, resistors, wire etc. Seeing is believing so I saw and I believe. 
I have seen other sins on this crucifix. In the past there were the legs. Legs? Yes legs. When I gazed at the crucifix I saw the legs of Jesus giving off sin. How? The legs gave off an impression of my mothers legs. My mother (RIP) used to be fixated on her legs. It was about mainly having a good tan on her legs. Her physical figure was otherwise ok. But mum had to have a tan. Mum worked at an office in the city for most of her life and part of her grooming was to have tanned legs. Mum often used a small home sun lamp. It was like mum “Would die for a tan” like a smoker “Would die for a smoke”. Sometimes these people do die in their quests for their desires. But mum died a natural death, God bless her. 

Why do I see sins on the crucifix? It seems like I carry my parents/ancestors sins in me. But when I came to Jesus Christ, He Jesus took all my sins (including my ancestors sins) in to His body and died to them.
I have seen many other sins on the crucifix. They appear and they go. I prefer they go. I prefer they get washed away. I want to be “A clean skin”. I want to be part of the “Great washed”. 
But on coming to Jesus, did Jesus carry in Him just my immediate families sins and not my dead ancestors sins? Could be. To be honest I can not relate to any of my ancestors sins on the crucifix. And is this just about my parents sins on the crucifix and not my human sisters sins? Maybe. I am like an extension to my parents. I am the continuation of our family tree. I am the end of the family branch. I carry the sins of my parents. But because I took on Jesus, Jesus took on those sins. Jesus died to sins. Jesus came back to life, Jesus rose to the above. I carry Jesus in me. Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me….”. Holy Scripture does give truth. There is understanding in Holy Scripture, just have faith. 
Maybe when I came to Christ the whole of our family branch gets cleaned up. Maybe. But what about our dead ancestors? Are these ancestors living on in us? Are these ancestors saved? They say the dead go on living in our hearts. All conjecture, nothing really known. What is known? I saw the sins of my parents on the crucifix. Seeing is believing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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