I wanted to attend a prayer meeting. The meeting was at night. The location of this meeting was in Lower Hutt. Lower Hutt was too far away from my home for me to be able to get home that night after the prayer meeting finished. I lived in Pukerua Bay. I was using public transport. The meeting was being held in a private home. Ken Salt (real name) occupied this home. I perceived Ken as a real gentleman and a noble Christian. I dearly wanted to attend this meeting so I asked Ken (who was a complete stranger to me) if I could stay over night at his place. He agreed. Why this meeting? Why was I keen on this meeting? First it was a prayer meeting. I indulged in prayer. Prayer was a main tool of mine for my living. I did not hesitate at all in praying to God. I loved prayer. 

This meeting was to pray about the Cold War. This was the war between the east and the west. The enemy in its worldly form was communism. There was the Berlin Wall. This wall segregated part of the city of Berlin from its western part. The Communists controlled eastern Berlin whereas the West controlled the western part. The West were the British, USA, French etc. For the likes of this meeting we had read Richard Wurmbrand. His book ‘Tortured for Christ’ (written in 1967) was a best seller amongst Christians. Richard had lived in Romania where he practiced as a Christian Church Minister. Richard was incarcerated by the Communists. Richard was in prison for many years. After Richard was released from jail he and his wife lived in the West. 
The prayer meeting at Ken Salts home was to especially pray for Christians who were incarcerated by the Communists. These were Christians who had done no criminal offence, their only crime was to preach Christ. Richard Wurmbrand had started an organisation called ‘Voice of the Martyrs’. By the time of this meeting Richard was living in the West. The Berlin Wall though was still up. I can not remember the date of this prayer meeting but it must have been somewhere about 1985 or thereabouts but I am really guessing. Communism was still as bad as it ever was. We prayed and we prayed. We prayed for hours. We were only a small hand fall of people at that meeting but we were in heart all agreed to helping break this scourge of communism over Christianity. 
The Berlin Wall stood as a main symbol of the separation between the free West and the enslaved East. The West stood not only for freedom but for Christ. The Communists were atheists, they hated religion and God. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and it was pulled down in 1989. Freedom came to the East in 1989, barriers were pulled down. Communism in the East, Soviet Union and it’s Eastern allies dissolved. But in our times right now we see Russia has not learnt her lesson and now we see Russia trying to resurrect its walls with the free West. As the saying goes “A dog returns to its vomit”. In 1977 I had the privilege to see the Berlin Wall. I went into East Berlin for a few hours. I entered and exited through the infamous ‘Check Point Charlie’. I saw bondage on the East Berlin people. There was no spark in the people’s eyes. Their eyes look captured. Their spirits were in bondage. 
We in Christ are not in bondage and as free people we detest bondage in any form. We know our freedom came through Jesus Christ. We were only a small prayer group but our spirits soured up to heaven and we prayed fervently. It came for the meeting to finish. The people left. I was staying the night. I had the sofa in the lounge. Ken retired to his room for the night. I lay on the sofa and prayed. Soon spiritual things happened. I can only say spiritual because nothing out of the ordinary physical was happening. I lay there and super spiritual things happened. My body seemed to half rise up out of my body. I was in two bodies at the same time. Sound weird. It did not seem weird to me at the time. I felt exhilarated, I was just enjoying the moment. My body coming out of my physical body was real new to me. I had this other body in my physical body. Wow. This was a learning curve, I was amazed. Do I call this other body a spiritual body? I don’t know. This spiritual body was the same length and width as my physical body. So I was in two bodies, but was I thinking in both bodies? I can not remember. I just knew, I perceived, I saw this other body, I seemed to be in this other body the spiritual one. I was like looking at both bodies. It’s so hard to describe. My spiritual body bent (rose) up at the waist while at the same time my physical body lay down. It happened for a mere few minutes but long enough for me to take it all in. This spiritual body did not come completely out of the physical body, only half came out, the top half. It was like I was sitting up spiritually. 
Did I think at the time that this spiritual rising had anything to do with the prayers the group was praying that night? No I did not. I think it was just God showing me more of his understanding. I have never related this spiritual happening to the Cold War or the Berlin Wall or to Christians persecuted by the Communists. But some people might see a connection but I don’t see it. 
My prayers at this meeting resulted in my getting a wonderful blessing. I got to relate to another side to me, a spiritual body. I was blessed that night. Maybe God rewarded me for my prayers. Maybe. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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