I have had two dreams that I call my divine God dreams. These dreams are not dreams like we have in the usual way these dreams no doubt come from God. Yes there I push the word God again. But God I have no hesitation in using. Why should I be ashamed of using the word God? God to me is the creator of this universe, God is supreme, God is almighty, God is love, God is light, God is truth, God is good. If you do not want to hear the word God then you should not be reading my writings because I am in God and God is in me. From Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……”. Christ is Gods only begotten Son and Christ lives in me. The fool does not believe in Christ. The wise follow Christ. The fool thinks he/she is more wiser than Jesus Christ. The fool thinks he/she does not need Christ. My two divine dreams were from God through Jesus Christ. I am going to write about one of these divine dreams. In a previous writing I have written about the other divine dream. 

I had a dream. The dream was so very vivid that I remember it to this day. I had the two divine dream many years ago. I became a believer in Jesus Christ in early 1980. The two divine dreams I had came after 1980. Maybe a few years after 1980. I dream normal as part of my sleep mode but not one of my usual dreams do I remember and these usual dreams are not anywhere near vivid and rational and clear and divine as the two divine dreams. I know when a dream is divine and I have to say such divine dreams can only come from God above. My usual dreams I may remember for a matter of minutes of waking up then I forget them. As soon as I rise in the morning and start thinking my memory of dreams fade away. I start thinking as soon as I awaken. 
The dream. A man comes through a door. We are now in a house. This man runs up to another man. This other man is dressed as a Minister. This Minister is dressed in a black coloured type of nightie over trousers and shirt. He has a priests dog collar on. He has a scholars mortar board cap on. There is also a third man there. This third man is dressed in casual dress clothes. Like a tweed jacket and shirt and trousers. The first man who came in through the door runs around like he is excited. He seems to lack self control. He seems unsettled. He runs upstairs. He goes in to a room. He goes down stairs, the stair case looks wide. Down stairs there are a number of pillars of the house. The house is a large mansion. He looks outside and there are many people looking at him. How many I do not know. But there is a gathering. Then I see another room in the mansion and there is a man here who looks like me. 
I have reflected and mulled over what would this dream mean. The first man, is that my human spirit? Did I come in to God’s mansion in God’s Kingdom? The man that looks like me, was that representing my soul? But how can my soul be here? I would have thought that my soul is in my head. They say the mind is in the head. People use the word mind for soul. Soul to many people reeks of religion and a lot of people hate religion. Soul to me was shown in my other divine vivid dream, the dream showing the small shadows, shadows running in a circular way fashion around a central round pillar. This dream I am explaining now is not about the souls in the head but is a dream explaining the heart. So I have had a dream about the soul and a dream about the spirit. Spirit is heart and soul is head. I could be wrong. Who was the man coming in through the door? Was it me in spirit? I have a few thoughts on this. I think of “I am in the father and the father is in me” – Jesus says this. So can this quote of Jesus apply to me and my human father? Did my human fathers spirit come in to my heart and did my human spirit go in to his heart? But that does not seem right when there was another man looking like me in the dream. So was soul of me represented here as the man I saw looking like me? But the first man coming through the door does not gel with me as being me. Who could that man be? Father and son are together in many ways. Maybe the same goes for a mother and her daughter. 
Dreams come and go. But my two divine dreams have never gone. These two dreams were divinely etched in to my consciousness. I can not forget them. I remember no other dreams. 

We should not focus too much on dreams and visions. We are to focus on Jesus Christ. We follow Jesus, no other. Dreams may be there to give us understanding. We do not glorify dreams, we glorify God. 
The Minister in this dream has come up a few times to me. There were a number of occasions where I perceived him as central to my heart. It was like the Minister took over all my heart. 
This dream is still not succinct to me, I still do not understand it all. 
Was that my soul that looked like me and was that my human spirit that came in through the door???????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




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