There are two sides to a story. 
Why put a hood over a boys head? Quite simple, the boy spits at the wardens. The hood is called a spit hood. 

Oh you might say “No way would boys spit at correction officers”. Oh yer. These boys are no saints. You don’t find them sitting in church pews listening to a sermon and singing praise songs to God. No these boys are out of control. These boys come from very dis functional families. The parents may have little time for them, these boys are used to doing their own thing. The parents may be drinking alcohol a lot. 
At one detention facility a group of aborigine boys broke out found a car and raced the car around. Later the boys drove the car back to the detention facility. On arriving at the facility they drove in to a garage smashing the garage and causing many thousands of dollars in damages. What makes the boys want to come back on their own initiative? Food. At this facility there is free food and probably lots of it. 
This detention facility in case most likely holds mostly aborigine boys. Yes aborigine and not white skin coloured males. In the New Territory detention facilities you find mostly aborigine and not white people. 
The do gooders are saying “How atrocious and evil and draconian are these correction officers who treat boys in their custody”. 

Now I say custody not care. The boys are not in the care of the correction officers, the boys are in the custody of the correction officers. 

If you want these boys in care you put them in a hospital. Of course these boys are sick. These boys are not normal. Maybe these boys need mental health treatment, you know sedate them in to sanity. 

  1. What is the solution? The problem mainly in this case is to do with aborigine boys. And it is a race problem. These boys do not submit to any authority. These boys know what their parental authority is like, they have lived under parental authorities for years and these boys know the abuse they have received. The parents boozed up to the hilt. The father beating up his wife. The father abusing young children. So the problem lies at home. The problem comes from home. The do gooders saying that these boys should be under the care of the health authorities does not sound good sense. Are you are going to lock them in a mental ward? The problem does not solve itself in a hospital ward. The boys will still not submit in a health environment. The parents instilled in to these boys the way they behave. But can we point the finger at the parents, no. The behaviour is cyclic, it goes from father to son, son to father, father to son. The change for these boys has to be a change in spirit and soul. It’s the thinking of the boys that needs to change. 

So we convert the boys souls. CONVERSION is the only way to help change the cycle pattern. You change the way the boy thinks and his son will have a same way of thinking. 
But how do we convert and what do we use to convert with?
But the Government won’t use religion as a tool to help people. I said “God’s Words” is the simple truth. Religion can be complicated with all its rules and dogma. A lot of religion is “Man Made”. So we just hope that the Holy Scripture in the Bible is God Spirit led. Religion won’t save these boys but Gods Words can save these boys.
To convert, you have to receive, you receive the SPIRIT OF GOD. The Spirit of God helps the conversion. 
Aborigine in great numbers seem to have been bypassed by God. Or have many aborigine bypassed God? 
The Aborigine have to accept the white man’s ways, they have to integrate in to the white man’s society. The white man is here to stay he is not going elsewhere. 
There is another problem. The white man does not want to marry dark skinned aborigine girls. There is the racist card. Light brown skinned girls white men will marry but white men avoid dark skinned girls. It is hard to bring the aborigine and the white folks together if the two races wont marry each other. 
The main problem comes down to racist. It’s the colour of the skin. But if aborigine convert to God through Jesus Christ then the aborigine will be spiritually empowered. Spiritual power is power with words. It’s words that can bring about change. In Christ you have Christ’s Words to help you. 
Christ’s words are freedom. The aborigine need to be free. Free of ignorance and darkness. 
With Christ’s Words the aborigine can have their own representation in State and Federal Parliaments. This means more empowerment to the aborigine. 
With Christ comes FREEDOM and WISDOM and SALVATION. The soul can only be converted by words and the true conversion is through Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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