Bible College – lesson /Story Telling and Letters

Dear All,

Two lecturers at the Bible College I attended emphasised “Story telling” as the mode to educate people about God. These lecturers even went to the extent of inviting two men from the USA to come to Perth and talk to us students. Of course we had to pay costs to get the privilege to hear these two men. Now I do not really have a big problem with story telling, it is just that I have my own ideas of how God teaches his children and disciples. Story telling to me is for the young children whereas to me I like to read letters and to write them. 
When I teach over the internet I usually write letters (or short drama), I do not tell stories. I see that Apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches, he did not tell stories. The gospels are also letters to the churches. The New Testament of the Bible is in letters not stories. Stories are in the Old Testament. We read stories of the Old Testament to young children. People read novels, I don’t, but many people do. I like to read biographies. I like reading fact. Fiction does not really interest me. Biographies are like stories true but they are more a memoir, about a persons life, the author writes like a filled out diary, like a letter telling about his/her life. Memoirs are on going letters that tell an on going journey. When people go on holiday they like to share their holiday joys with other people, so they write letters and post cards to their friends back home. A memoir also is like writing home after a long journey. People love to share their journeys with others. Stories are more for fiction, they are more for novels. Novels are not exactly based on truth (we get the saying “Tall Story”). So to teach and educate WISDOM of God through Jesus Christ we can write letters. Letters are factual and true. Letters are not novels. The Bible College lecturers enshrined story telling. I think story telling is ok but letters are better. I think that Apostle Paul by writing letters and not telling stories made a better impression on our minds and hearts. Story telling will always be with us but letters define a person better. We can know Jesus Christ better through letters.
When I communicate with people by writing I write letters to them I do not write stories to them. Letters are a better mode of communicating then stories. We can have both, stories and letters. But I prefer when I teach over the Internet to use letters. I may use stories for the very young. But for adults I prefer to write letters to them. 
Letters came about because of literacy. People over the ages have learnt to write. We can write stories and we can write letters. In the old days when most people were not literate they used vocal story telling to pass down the ages the wisdom and knowledge. But over time people learnt to write so people could write down the stories. With writing also came letters. We can use written letters to pass on the wisdom and knowledge. Stories will stay and so will letter writing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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