(Class stands)
Good morning class. You may sit. Now where were we up to? Jarvis?

Sir we are up to ….

I know, heaven.

Sir we are up to Babel. 

I know. Babel was confusion of language sure but Babel was about heaven. Goodyear tell the class what you know of the Tower of Babel.

Sir the people were not long after the “big flood”. The flood was God’s way of cleansing this earth. Now the people were sinning again. The people were defying God by trying to enter the heavens in their own way. God was angry. The people built an enormous tall tower reaching up to the sky. Man did not understand God. Man saw the heavens as up there in the physical. Man was more physical than spiritual. Man understood God more in the physical. But God is in Spirit and Word. 

Jarvis carry on from Goodyear.

Sir I have read your book thoroughly. 

I am glad my students are reading my book. 

Sir most people see God in a physical way. Jesus Gods Son came in the physical. But Jesus in the physical was to lead the people to God in the spiritual. Man seldom understands God. Man wants the physical, man seldom wants the spiritual. Man sees skin level. Man seldom sees deeper than the skin. Man looks at man but man sees no depth. It’s like a book, man sees the cover but not inside. Man sees people and judges them according to their outer looks. But man is soul. Man is spirit. Jesus came in the flesh to lead man to God Spirit. 

Well done Jarvis.

Anyone else want to contribute?


Miller. Have you read my book?

Thoroughly sir.

Ok let’s hear from you.

Sir humans are in the physical but man sins in the physical and such sins in quantity deny man access to God. Sins bring on darkness. Darkness denies man access to spiritual knowledge. God is light. To have light one has to keep sinless. 

Yes yes Miller good. Jesus does lead us to the Father. The Father is not in the physical. The Father is in WORDS. The Father is a person as Jesus the Son is a person. We humans sin and still do but we can confess our sins to God and be forgiven so as sinners we can keep in a relationship with the Father God and learn spiritual knowledge. 

Anyone want to take off from here?


Mathews you have the class.

Sir man sees truth in the physical. Man seeks truth in the physical. Man thinks all truth is in the physical. Man does not see truth in the spiritual. 

Mathews why were the people building a tower to the sky?

Man believed God the creator was in the sky.

Why in the sky?

God is above. We are told by the wise prophets that God is above in the heavens. We call the above high up the heavens. 

Mathews, is God in the sky?

God is above but God is in us, God is above in us, God is within, God is in the temple, we our human bodies are Gods temple. 

So has God always been in man?

It’s a mystery.

So where is this heaven that the Bible talks about?

God speaks to man in metaphors. God also uses analogies. Heaven is a place metaphorically. Hell is a place metaphorically. We are people in words. Heaven is a place in words and hell is a place in words. Soul goes to heaven. Our souls are saved in heaven. We are saved already. Our souls are in heaven. We save ourselves through the Words of Jesus Christ. The Words of God enlighten our souls to the truth. Our souls live in the light of God. But there are also many souls who live in darkness or semi darkness and are going to hell. You live in hell or heaven.

But Mathews what about the after life? Maybe Howard you can enlighten us here.

Yes sir. Sir and class there is definitely an “after life”. 

But if our souls are saved what happens to our soul after we die in the physical flesh?

Class and sir after our death to our flesh we sleep. Our souls sleep. We sleep until we get new bodies. We get a new body when the earth and world are baptised. 

Howard speak on this baptism a bit more.

Baptism comes twice. Baptism comes first in water then in fire. The earth has already been once baptised and that was in water during the “great flood”. We await the second baptism of fire. Baptism cleanses. God is a God of cleanliness. God is a pure clean God. God hates the dirt of sin. Sins are dirty. The fire cleansing is the final cleansing and Jesus Christ Gods Son will appear. Jesus came once before and He will come again. When Jesus comes the saved who are alive in the flesh will get a new body. Those asleep who died in the physical body and are saved will awaken and get new bodies. 

Howard what happens to us in our new bodies?

There is a saying “Heaven is all around us”. So in our new bodies we are in heaven. Heaven is all around us. 

Do we live for eternity in our new bodies?

Apparently so sir. 

Howard get back to the Tower of Babel.

Sir and class the people wanted to reach God in their own efforts. The people did not understand God. Man sees and believes but man believes seeing in the physical is believing apart from the spiritual. Man even now tries to get in to the physical heavens. Man sends man up to the heavens in craft that go to the moon and in to orbit around the earth. Man has sent space probes to circle other planets. Man is looking for answers to life up in the physical heavens. Man thinks it’s clever to seek truth up there. But up there to our human spirit and soul is not up there in the physical heavens. Man thinks going up there in the physical will either get one closer to God or prove that God up there does not exist. God won’t be found up there. God is up there but not in the way man sees. When man proved God is not up there in the physical man justifies to himself that God does not exist and that man and all creatures and life is here by chance. Man hates God. Man wants to sin and does not want any God telling him that he is doing wrong. 

Thank you Howard.

Class we have an anomaly. Now who can explain this anomaly I write about it in chapter 6 of my book.

Sir I can explain what you wrote.

Ok Smithers go for it.

Sir the anomaly is very big. It could be the anomaly of anomalies. We have the Tower of Babel back in action. Man is again reaching up to the sky to get in to the heavens. Man is using physical knowledge to try and get truth. The anomaly is that man uses physical knowledge to know God. The tree of knowledge to man will eventually kill him. Man is mans worst enemy. Man will kill man. Knowledge that man has and gets will kill all. This knowledge of man is not the knowledge that God wanted man to know. Man fell in grace and dignity at the beginning by disobeying God and wanting to know God in his own efforts. God ate of knowledge. Now in the wilderness man uses knowledge to survive and destroy. In the Garden of Eden man had all his needs met. Now outside this garden man tries to survive and people die and live. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s jungle law. 

Man in the Garden of Eden had the choice between knowledge and Spiritual wisdom. Wisdom is Christ’s Wisdom. Christ Jesus when he was on this earth never went to school. Christ also chose disciples who were not schooled. Luke and Paul were exceptions. 

Smithers what’s the anomaly in a nut shell?

It’s knowledge. It’s knowing God. Man seeks knowledge in the physical not in the Spiritual. Jesus while nailed to the cross said “They do not understand”. 

Thank you Smithers. Essentially man wants to glory himself not God. We wait for the second baptism. We wait for the fire to destroy all mans glory. Gods glory will go on in to eternity, mans glory will burn up in the fire. In a blink of an eye lid we will be changed. There’s the bell, class dismissed.
Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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