WOMEN LEADERS – Emancipation

 What, is some of the world leadership going female? – not all the world but the free world. Are we going to get a woman leader of the United Nations? Are we going to get a woman President of the USA? Are we going to get a woman Prime Minister of the U.K.? Is it the women’s time? 
We have a dark skinned President of the USA now; that was a game changer and it turned out OK. Women and dark skinned people have been put down so many times. Who next will be emancipated? Freedom to the dark skinned and freedom to the women. There was a time in the free world when dark skinned people and women did not have the vote; they could not vote for their nations leaders. 
So I see no harm in having a woman (THERESA MAY) as Prime Minister of the U.K.

Maybe the mentally ill can be emancipated next. Give the mentally ill jobs in Government. We had a physically disabled President of the USA; yes President Roosevelt was physically disabled. He got around in a wheel chair. But a lot of Americans did not know Roosevelt was disabled, it was kept a secret. Why? because of the discrimination. What’s stopping a mentally ill person from ruling a nation? Oh yes the cries of “loonie” “mad”; but such is vilification and discrimination. The Governments try to get the mentally ill working – “get a job, even if possible get a part time job, lazy, bludger, winger, bum” – The Governments spend millions of dollars on assets and people who try and find jobs for the mentally ill; but they fail in most cases. Why? Because first the Government sets a very bad standard by not employing the mentally ill. The mentally ill can not get jobs in Government departments, not even as clerks. Private enterprise won’t employ the mentally ill. In private enterprise it’s about profit. PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT. The mentally ill are seen as a burden. It’s stupid for the Government to spend millions of dollars of tax payer money on schemes that are nothing but scheming and not fruitful. This money could be spent employing the mentally ill by paying them salaries. So we get all this shop front of people and offices trying to secure the mentally ill jobs and it’s all vanity and a waste of tax payers money. Why because the Government is being a BIG HYPOCRITE by not themselves employing the mentally ill. There are many types of mental illness and there are a lot of intelligent moral astute people who have mental issues but because they have this ONE label “mental illness” then people turn their backs on them. Mental illness comes in many forms. A lot of people with mental illness are capable of part time work but because the Government won’t employ them everyone else turns them away.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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