Isaiah 40:

3 A voice cries out,

“Prepare in the wilderness a road for the Lord!

    Clear the way in the desert for our God!

4 Fill every valley;

    level every mountain.

The hills will become a plain,

    and the rough country will be made smooth.

5 Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,

    and all people will see it.

The Lord himself has promised this.”


Mountains here are a metaphor. As the valleys here are a metaphor. Mountains and valleys are about people. People that are high and low. High in deeds of the flesh and low in deeds of the flesh. High in mans glory and low in mans glory. Gods intention through the Prophet is to make everything PLAIN. Plain is what glorifies God and God wants to have the glory not give man the glory. Take plain water; no additives, all God made, no man made ingredients in it; drink plain water and live. Plain water is healthy to drink, all other drinks can be unhealthy to drink. The low people (the valleys) in glory of man are raised up to a height of glory of plain in God. The high people (the mountains) in glory of man are cut down to a height of glory of plain in God. The plain that we get now is the flat road for the Lord to travel. Prophets prepare the way for the Lord to travel. God hates mans glory. In the plainness of man God is delighted. Plainness of man glorifies God. 
Take a diamond ring. The setting for the ring can be plain. But the diamond is valuable. It’s about the diamond not the setting. God is the valuable diamond (metaphor) in a plain setting. 
Take a painting. The frame around the painting can be plain. But the art work painting can be valuable. God is the valuable painting (metaphor) in a plain setting.
We want plain bodies that have the valuable God within. When we meet a person, we should discern God, we should discern the spiritual gifts of God, we should discern the calling of God. So it’s not about the outer appearance of a person, it’s the inner appearance of a person that we want to see and meet. The outer appearance can be plain but the inner appearance can be valuable. 
Man glories in himself; that is wrong. True glory is only when God is glorified. God should be glorified through man and through all creation. 
God has promised that His glory will be revealed through plainness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 

Man: Men and Women.


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