Me now at my mature age its mostly all about the END not the beginning. So I eat and drink thinking more about the END result. 
I want to make good shit (excuse my crass use of this word I do not mean to offend). To make good shit I drink copious supplies of plain water while eating my food. Forget the GOOD LOOKS of food, forget the TASTE; the plainer the food the better. Plain water and plain food. Taste is important still; God gave us taste buds for a reason; and what are those reasons? To taste for our self pleasures or other reasons? Maybe to taste for good health. Taste is a sense and we sense for our protection as well as our enjoyment. But is eating and drinking meant to be about enjoyment or just for health? I think health. Forget the joy and love of eating and drinking; eat and drink to survive. Make good shit and be healthy. I eat less red meat now a days. I do eat chicken meat and fish. Red meat is just about off the menu for me now. Why? It’s my perception that red meat is not too good for our bodies. 
Adam and Eve the first humans (with souls) – did they eat red meat? To eat red meat Adam and Eve would have had to kill animals/creatures and I think in the Garden of Eden there was no killing. Maybe Adam and Eve ate fruit and herbs; maybe Adam and Eve did not even eat fish or birds. Adam and Eve killed nothing in the Garden of Eden. No creature killed other creatures in the Garden of Eden. This was a GARDEN not an abattoir. Gardens grow fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables. 
To win a race think of the END. The ending is very important more important than the start. How you end up in life is more important than how you begin in life. If you fail many times during the race but end up winning the race; all is good. 
Jesus Christ won the race and we with our “second chance” having our new transformed minds (souls) of Christ win the race too. We win in Christ. Christ defeated Satan and the world at the cross. We who also have Christ (Minds/Souls) are winners over Satan and the world. 
The VICTORY belongs to Jesus Christ. 
“I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me…………….(Galatians 2:20)(Bible). 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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