AUSTRALIAN POLITICS – perverted or straight?

We have a banker competing against a union official. Malcolm Turnbull was a merchant banker. Was not our Labor leader Bill Shorten a union official. Banks are just about money. Unions are about the rights of the workers. Unions fight a class war. Unions fight against the upper class and middle class. The upper class are the business owners and the middle class are the business managers. 

The Liberal Party are about protecting the businesses. The Liberal Party run their party and their Government like a business. The Liberals being business people know how to balance books and make profit. Business to the Liberals is foremost about making profit; make money. 
The Labor Party is foremost about protecting the workers; making sure they are paid right and have good working conditions. The Liberal Party was begun by wealthy land owners. 
At the beginning of Australian federation only white male land owners were allowed to vote. Eventually votes were allowed to all white males over a certain age. Later white women were allowed to vote. Much later male and female aborigine over a certain age were allowed to vote. 
A Liberal Government when coming in to power try and fix up all the over spending of a prior Labor Government. A Liberal Party Government want to balance the books out of the red. The Labor Government are not good business people and Labors prerogative is to help the poor and needy so they spend up big and thus taking the books in to the red. 
Isaac Newton said “For every force there is a equal and opposite force”. This is a basic physical law but it is a law that can be applied generally. The Liberal Party is a force but the Labor Party is an equal and opposite force to the Liberals. Balance is the norm. Labor balances out Liberal and vice versa. Nature tells us that balance is the norm. We need balance to survive. 
So in politics we fly right wing then later fly left wing and the back to right then left and so on. Of course it’s more sensible to fly straight in the middle but who is really straight in their thinking. Most people lean one way or the other dependent on their circumstances. I myself prefer and believe in straight thinking. Most people are perverted in their thinking. Straight thinking is not perverted. I love straight thinking. But who can walk a straight line? Straight thinking is leading from the middle. 

The wings should not serve themselves but they should serve the centre; serve those who are straight. So we have perverted politics. Such is life. Those who are straight and not perverted should lead.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “AUSTRALIAN POLITICS – perverted or straight?”

  1. dark ambient Says:

    Interesting Post. You Have a Keen Mind.

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