Valuing human life

For those clever people who believe animals have souls. Oops these people will say that humans are animals. Ok then for the sake of this here writings let’s say humans are humans and not animals. 

So for the clever people as mentioned above. Where is the zoo chaplain? I mean there was and is a zoo chaplain. I mean these animals need their souls saved, am I right? 
Let’s be straight here; I do not believe any creature outside humans have souls.
So this gorilla that was shot and killed. Did the zoo keepers before they killed this gorilla not first send in a chaplain to say the last rites over the gorilla? For those clever people who think that the gorilla has a soul; where is the soul now? Did the gorillas soul go to heaven or hell? Or are humans culpable here in not saving this gorillas soul? And the zoo keepers who killed this gorilla, are they guilty of murder? Do we have here a murdered soul? 
Further, the people who believe in reincarnation. This gorilla to those people might have been a reincarnation of say one of their dead relatives. What say this dead gorilla was their deceased mother or father or grand mother. So do humans have a right to kill someones reincarnated relative? What about taking the zoo keepers to court suing them for killing a reincarnated relative. 
Maybe reincarnation theory is for zombies. People who are half or mostly asleep in their souls. Maybe their souls are darkened. Dark minds. Dark heads. Dark bodies. Souls in a dream world of darkness molested by demons. 
We have a lot of clever people in this world or do they just think they are clever.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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