Tea break / Smoko break – What’s your poison? 

How can millions and millions of human beings fall for the notion that smoking is good for you? I mean is it not more important to inhale fresh air not dirty foul air? 
In the way future this earths atmosphere might get much more dirty and then people will be thinking oh the good ole days in the past when humans could openly breathe in fresh air. This makes me think; in the way future are humans going to buy fresh air to breathe? I mean walk round with canisters (bottles) of fresh air and breathe this air through masks over our mouth and nose. People in the past would not have thought that water would be sold. People are buying water in droves now a days. Selling bottled spring water is a big industry now. Even I buy bottled spring water. But if someone in the past would have said that in the future like now people in the millions would regularly be buying spring fresh water they would not believe you. So why should we not be buying fresh air in the future? Wearing masks is not new in some cities of this world. Asians are noted for wearing masks in some Asian cities so why not carry fresh air canisters and breathe that fresh air. So in the future when the people look back they may wonder incredulous that people breathed in smoke from burning sticks of tobacco, and in awe they may say “Why did people breathe in foul air when they had access to clean air in the atmosphere”? So we should be thankful that we have fresh air to breathe now in most places. 
Bottled spring fresh water for sale, Bottled fresh air for sale.
I think cigarette smoking took off mainly in my grandfathers and fathers time. Why? Money yes. There was money to be made here. And the masses are/were duped as they often are in to making these rich barons more rich. These smokers made/make people rich. These rich barons were not concerned about our health they were after our money and a lot of people fell in to this hole, this hole that became vast in size, and this hole sucked the life out of millions of people. Before tobacco smoking we had the opium smoking. The British merchants with the power and backing of the gun boat policy opiated a lot of the Chinese people in the past. Eventually the Chinese Government got control over most of this opium smoking and it has mostly been eradicated from China. They say China introduced the British to drinking tea. Now the British are one of the biggest tea drinking nations in the world. The British swamped their colonies with tea and drinking tea has been a major past time now of many countries. Tea was about money and about making tea merchants rich. It was generally accepted in many nations to have a tea break. At work we had our tea breaks. Was it the USA that brought us coffee? The USA has superseded the British a lot now so we break not for tea now but for coffee. The British had their tea plantations in their former colonies like in India, maybe the USA gets its coffee from South America. 
The suckers (at both ends) – the people in millions suck the smoke and the cigarette rich barons suck the money. It’s about making money out of the weak minded. We are all weak. Only in Christ are we strong.
Mankind is duped. It’s either tea, coffee, or Coca Cola, or tobacco. But these substances mentioned have now also made room for more complex substances, we get all our hard toxic drugs now. It’s not about sitting down for a pot of tea, it’s about injecting a hard drug in to us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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