When mankind was literally kicked out of the Garden of Eden did mankind need to make use of knowledge what we know as science to help mankind survive?
In the Garden of Eden mankind was in a form of utopia, all mankind’s needs and comforts were supplied. Mankind was in a Garden and the Garden supplied all the foods and water. I think mankind in this Garden was a vegetarian. I think all the animals in this Garden were vegetarians. 
But mankind outside this Garden had to survive in the wild and mankind now had to work hard and provide all his/her own needs and comforts. Science aided mankind in surviving in the wild. Mankind did not need to know science in the Garden of Eden. There was first no dangers in this Garden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food and water was abundant in this Garden. Outside this Garden (after the Eden exit) there were wars and fighting over the spoils of life (still happening). Survival meant killing, killing other creatures, and man killing man. It was (is) every man for himself. 
Mankind wanted science and he got it, but at his peril. Children playing with matches hurt themselves. Matches are dangerous to children. We are children of God. Science can be like playing with matches, man can hurt himself. Matches make fire, fire can help but fire can destroy, fire can destroy all mankind.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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