I see no big big problems with assisted dying. There are people who live in so much pain from illness that death is a sweet victory. I do not even like to call it assisted suicide. It’s assisted death. Death to pain. 
God in my thinking does not see death as a lot of humans see death. 
Poor Gilbert he died. Oh how could God do it. Gilbert was the best. What God in his right mind would take Gilbert. Gilbert you were a legend. Oh poor Gilbert. Poor poor Gilbert you did not deserve to die. There can not be a God, what God would do this, Gilbert was so good. 
Gilbert was 90 years old. Gilbert had brittle bones, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of hearing, blind in one eye with the other eye losing sight, his skin was thin, his hair was falling out, he had no drive or energy left, HE WAS DYING and he died. 
Gilbert was very old and please let him die. And don’t blame God for killing him. 
Young people die too. 
But death to God is just about the next life. But people so want to hold on to this earthly life that they do not want to go in to the “after life”. Me I don’t personally hold much favour for this earthly life – “Bring on the after life”. I don’t have any fear of leaving this earthly life. I look forward to the next life. I have no fear of dying. 
Why cling to this life when the next life is far far far far far better. This life is nothing compared to the after life. 
Those in excruciating long term pain have my upmost sympathy and giving them the right to die can be the right (a merciful) solution. I don’t like to call it suicide. Don’t be scared of death. This present life is just a gift from God for a very small iota of our eternal time. This iota of time is like a time area of a speck of dust as one speck in the eternal trillions and trillions and trillions of dust specks in the whole universe. 
I look forward to being with God in heaven. I have a soul. I have a human spirit (some people call the spirit the spark that lights one up). Spirit is person. Soul is person. Spirit goes back to God. Soul goes to sleep when it’s flesh home dies, soul sleeps (where? I don’t know) until the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Soul then gets a new body, an immortal eternal body. No lie. We live for eternity. Our eternal life is bliss. We have no worries, no problems, nothing wrong, heavenly bliss in heaven. 
For the true righteous elect in God, don’t be scared of death.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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