A mentally ill man was on the street

A priest came along, he then walked on the other side of the street, he then walked back to the side of the street the mentally ill man was on, the priest looked at the mentally ill man for a few seconds decided he could/would not help then quickly went to the other side of the street and walked on.

A Pharisee man came along saw the mentally ill man and quickly walked to the opposite side of the street and walked on.
A Samaritan man came along saw the mentally ill man, walked up to him, gave the mentally ill man some food and water, then took the mentally ill man to a nearby Inn he then paid for a weeks accommodation including food for the mentally ill man.
I make no excuses when I say that I too ignore those in plight. I have also come up to close quarters with mental illness. I know the feeling of stigma that is associated with mental illness. 
But people on a whole, including me, want to just get on with our own lives we do not want to get involved in the problems of other people. When we are well and successful we want to mix with people who are likewise well and successful. 
People just don’t want to understand, they do not want to know. Life is hard enough with the daily grind day in day out, working to capacity at a job one hates then the work at home trying to keep a family together sane. 
Stigma is real. But it’s only real to the stigmatised. Others outside just gloat and walk on. 
Jesus was stigmated. Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. People just gloated at Jesus on the cross and waked on. What Jesus felt when he saw people just walking on and not helping him, is the feeling that people also feel when they have troubles like mental illness and people look and then just walk on not helping. 
So with our problems we can have faith in Jesus Christ; Jesus was stigmated; we can stigmata our problems like mental illness. Treat our problems as stigmas to be crucified. Mental illness is a stigma to be crucified. Live for God through Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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