Communism was propagated as a utopia state. But utopia is not possible on this earth. Utopia was in the Garden of Eden. Man was living in Eden in a utopia state but Man was literally kicked out of Eden for his misbehaviour. Man then had to work with his hands. Now utopia is in heaven above in the next life. 
Capitalism is not utopia. Man is inherently greedy and will only really work hard when there are rewards for himself. Man can not live in community and commune in his fallen state. Man competes with man. We are taught to compete from our first day at school. At school we compete at sports and education. The winners get the rewards. Utopia is not about competing. We race against each other – the human race. Man wants and wants. Desire is strong and vicious in man. Man wants to be independent. 
Christians do try community and commune living. Monks and nuns live in community sharing all their possessions. In such communities the commune owns all the possessions, no person owns much. Religious communes have and do work but even here there is no utopia. Religious communes can become self supporting. Kibbutzes in Israel are really communes. The Amish religious live in communities. 
But communism used by say the Soviets was not religious. Actually the Soviets were irreligious, they dismissed any supreme God. Communism used by the Soviet model was Godless. The Chinese Communism is Godless. So such communism models have very little chance of succeeding. 
Religious communes can and do work if they believe in the supreme God. 
But can a whole nation live off the economics of religious communes who live for the supreme God. No one knows if this will work. It has not been tried. The closest nation to come to a supreme God communes is Israel with their many kibbutzes. But Israel’s economy does not rely much on its kibbutzes. Israel is a very capitalist nation. Capitalist means each individual working for and acquiring their own capital. Earning capital gives one incentive to work, the more capital to earn the harder the individual works. We so love our capital. Few people want to work in communes. We leave communes to the few religious. Religious people might make a vow of poverty and so they are more amenable to working not for capital but for God. Capital makes us very materialistic. We want material. We love material. We worship material. We work for and compete for material. We want our nests to have every mod con. 
Communism may work for some of the religious. But few people are devoutly religious enough to live together in a commune. The world and its people are mostly irreligious.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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