Karl Marx was politically left wing thinking. Karl developed the idea of left wing political thinking to a deeper model. Thinking is either left or right just as we have two hemispheres to our brain. Our mind I take it is in the brain. Our mind is where soul is. Our soul does the thinking. Karl enlarged on the thinking from our minds left side. Left side thinking is more heart led just as the heart is more on our left side of our body. Heart led thinking is more about compassion, love, care. The heart is more about the mother and the head (mind) is more about the father. The father leads from the head, the mind whereas the mother leads more from the heart. But the head is above the heart and the heart submits to the head as the head rules from above over all the body and that includes ruling over the heart. The father rules the mother, the father rules the family. The mother submits to the father the head. The father should rule with wisdom of Jesus Christ or the body, the mother, the family, the heart – will rebel. 

So left thinking is more to the heart, the mother, love. I read that Karl Marx had a mother who was somewhat over board in her mothering. I don’t know if Karl was influenced by a mother figure more than a father figure. Did Karl love his mother more than his father? This might explain why Karl was more left thinking than right thinking. 
What is right? It makes sense to think that right thinking is being right. Right means correct. But thinking just right thinking might also be not correct. Ok it’s right to think right but why not think centre thinking? What is centre thinking? First how can one get centre thinking? Focus, yes focus, focus on one. One head, one body, one church, one body of Christ, one universe. God is the One true God. God is one in all power. Focus on One God to be centre thinking. To be focused means focussing on one. To get your thinking organised think on one. Your thoughts come in to order if you remain thinking on one. Think of God. Pray to God. There is ONE supreme God. Political parties that call themselves say Liberal or National or Republican or Tory are parties that think right side thinking. But to think right side does not mean they are right. A bird has two wings the bird uses both wings to fly, but the head in the middle is in charge and the head is the brain that coordinates the two wings to fly. Karl Marx, in developing left side thinking in the political sphere, was wrong where Karl wanted left side to rule. The head rules not the wings. The wings of a bird do not rule. The King sits between the two main political parties in parliament and he the king rules. The King in parliament uses both main political parties to rule the nation. The two political wings obey the King. 
Centre thinking is about Jesus thinking. The mind of Jesus Christ should lead. Jesus Christ is the King. Jesus sits between the two main political parties and rules. Left thinking and right thinking obey the head, Jesus. 
Right thinking has been about managerial class and left thinking has been about the working class. Left thinking politicians want to help the working class and right thinking politicians want to help the managerial class. Right thinkers want to rule and make lots of money. Left thinkers are not focussed on money they are more about the heart. The heart though vicious at times can be also compassionate. 
Karl Marx came from an ancestry line of males who were Jewish Rabbis. But Karl’s father did not follow the family tradition so did not become a a Rabbi. Karl’s father became a lawyer. Karl also studied to become a lawyer but his love was for philosophy. So we see a family who maybe rebelled against their family traditional beliefs and values. Karl’s father also got baptised as a Lutheran as did I think Karl. So here we have a family breaking from tradition. Do we have two rebels here? Were they rebelling against God and religion? Karl going off in to the deep end of left thinking. Too much left or right thinking could lead to unbalance in ones life. I mean one is not really focused if one is not centre thinking. Centre thinking is balanced but Karl was obviously unbalanced. Karl lost it maybe when his father lost it. Karl’s father left his Jewish religion. Karl’s father maybe embraced the Lutheran faith just to be a rebel. The father the rebel, the son the rebel; father like son, son like father.
Karl Marx said “Religion was the opiate of the masses”. Karl justified this quote by saying that the upper class kept the lower working class in line by using religion. The upper class ruled the working class. The working class worked in inhuman conditions. Karl Marx was a man who wanted the upper class to treat the working class with more kindness. Karl was not bad in his motive in wanting better humane treatment to the working class. But Karl was for REVOLUTION. Karl identified with the working class and wanted the working class to overthrow the upper class. Karl was on the working class side. BUT revolution is not always the answer. Revolution is just like revolving – making the working class the upper class and making the upper class the working class. Revolving is not the good answer. To have revolution say to have the working class to rule the upper class means the problems stay the same but the people have changed their places. The working class can treat the upper class as badly and cruelly as they were treated by the upper class. Revolution is not the simple solution. Revolution looks like a stupid solution. Once revolution happens the tide could turn in the opposite in years down the road and revolution could happen again. 
So what is the SIMPLE solution to the problem of cruelty caused by the upper ruling class to the lower class. I say we do not rule left or right thinking but we rule centre thinking. We rule with the head the mind of Jesus Christ. We use the left and right thinking but such do not rule. We rule from the brain, the mind, the head of Jesus Christ. The Bible gives us centre thinking. God is one. One Head. Karl Marx and his types were no doubt intelligent but misguided. Karl had forgotten the God who ruled his ancestors. Karl Marx became an atheist. 
Religion in true sense of the word makes us aware, we see, we hear, we smell, we taste, we feel. Religion with God awakens us from sleep. Karl Marx may have been sleepy and he blamed his sleepiness on religion. True religion is a belief in the ONE true God. FAITH keeps us on the true path. Karl Marx and his father left religion. We can leave religion but do we leave God. Karl Marx and his father may have left religion and left God. Karl Marx was in his thinking trying to invent his own religion. Karl Marx had a developed mind, a mind blessed from coming after many generations of his ancestors worshipping the true one God, and Karl used this mind to try and invent a religion that would replace the religion that he and his father gave up. Karl Marx was trying to become the Rabbi of his new religion “Communism”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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