Looking at the photo makes me think of the gladiators that fought in Rome in the colosseum in the days of the Caesars. 

Gladiator sports was a blood sports, people died. 
But our football sports can be all blood and gore too at times. The fans roar with relish when they see a sports player get knocked down by an opponent. 
At the colosseum the spectators wanted the blood and gore too, I mean without the blood and gore the games were boring. Spectators take sides in the sports and sometimes it’s not just the sports people themselves fighting it out, sometimes the spectators take to their opponents in the spectator stands and fight it out. 
Fans love a good fight. And if there’s no fighting or hits or punches the fans go home in disgust. 
So are our football arenas the modern day version of the colosseum and do the spectators go to watch hoping to see fights, blood and gore. Is this the inner child in us who wants a good fight? But in football its someone else who does the fighting, the fans get their thrill from seeing others getting hurt. 
Football players suffer immensely from body wounds, broken bones, torn muscle ligaments, bruises, cuts, concussions. Oh yes they get paid well but is it worth the money to take so much punishment? 
Are these football players our modern day gladiators? 

(But more humanitarian than in the past Roman games).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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