Are a lot of fundamentalists – bigots?

A bigot is has extreme one sided beliefs. A bigot only sees from their point of view. A bigot believes they are right even though wiser understanding says that they are wrong. 

We have the bigots and we have the hypocrites. 
So we have the fundamentalists who like to take all truth literally. I mean the bible says “The trees clap their hands to the glory of God”. The literalist thinks the trees are really clapping their hands to God. It is metaphor. God uses a lot of metaphor. What is metaphor one may ask? Metaphor: Two somethings, one something transferred to the other something to give a symbolic meaning but both somethings are literally different. We call a metaphor a “figure of speech”. Meta means: Beyond or after. And Metaphysical means beyond the physical; to the spiritual; to the invisible. God teaches us a lot with metaphors. Metaphors point us to the spiritual. We don’t see spirit. Gods kingdom is invisible, it is in spirit. 
God does use literal truths but God also uses a lot of metaphorical truths. Meta is used to explain truth. 
These literalists who say that the earth was made about 6000 years; I ask them how long did it take diamonds to form in the earth? Diamond is made up of carbon, carbon compressed by pressure over thousands and maybe millions of years. And where can a lot of carbon come from? Plant life is made of carbon; animals are made of carbon, even humans are made of carbon. This earth has been covered in much plant life in times in the past. I know for example that when New Zealand was discovered by white skin coloured explorers they found much plant life. The explorers in those early days spent a lot of time clearing the land of trees, plants etc. Carbon from dead animals and dead plants over millions of years leached through the soil to form the likes of coal, oil, and diamonds. Coal and oil also come from carbon. Diamonds did not happen in a few years, nor did they come about in hundreds of years, but thousands and thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. I think millions of earth years. 
In my thinking I think it rational to believe in the great flood in the time of the patriarch Noah. Noah Built an enormous boat and was able to save his family and as many animals and he could get on the boat. 
In my thinking God uses water and fire to cleanse the world. Water and fire cleans and God has already used water to clean. Fire to clean is next. The great flood in the time of Noah cleansed the earth and and world of sins. Water and fire are called baptisms. What will the fire baptism be? What is the fire? In our current minds we could think it is nuclear weapons but we do not know. Nuclear weapons set off in mass could burn the world/earth and clean it of sins. Will God use nuclear weapons to cleanse the world or will God use the sun to cleanse the world/earth?
I think it rational that there was this Garden of Eden and God placed a man and a woman in it. I believe this did not happen in the time just after the “Big bang” but maybe millions of earth years after this bang. Everything starts simple and one. Simple goes on to become complex and one goes on to be many. The universe began with an enormous explosion. An explosion starting from one point. Spirit of God began this explosion. The Spirit of God is maybe very small. The universe expanding from this one point, and the universe is still maybe expanding. But is this expansion of the universe slowing down now? 
God is the energy in Albert Einsteins theory : E = McSquare. 
Gods Spirit channeled the energy to make mass, and mass and energy expanding at the speed of light square. 
This in my thinking implies God can travel at the speed of light. (But does God travel at the speed of light square?)
The universe was created by God. 
Later God chose the earth to domicile on. God created life. Plants, animals, insects, birds, fish. I think evolution plausible. Creatures evolved. All life starts in water. Water is life. Life can not live without water. (God is life). Life came from water. We see now much water on this earth. I don’t believe there is water outside the earth. The earth to me is peculiar. God may also need water to survive. Water may have been in existent before the “Big bang”. Before the universe existed there may have been a vast ocean of water. Spirit may need water to survive just as flesh and plant life need water to survive. 
Maybe millions of earth years after the Big Bang and after life was living on this earth – Life may have started for humans as fish in the water. I go in to church buildings and I see the symbol of the fish. Fish also became land animals, they evolved in to the image and likeness of God the creator. God created but life evolved. God placed one man and one woman in His Garden. The Garden of Eden. This Garden was paradise on this earth. God gave soul to both the man and woman. Man and woman became thinkers, they learnt to make a language.
Time to us humans means a lot because we humans see our life span on this earth as everything. We humans do not think much about the after life, this physical life means all to us. If we thought more of the after life then we would get through life better because this physical life is only a very tiny tiny part of our lives. The soul goes on in to eternal life, why should we worry too much about this physical life. God does not see time like we humans see time. God can easily get by with waiting for millions of years before he does something. God can wait millions of years for the world to evolve. It’s nothing to God to wait so long. 
Man and woman have evolved in to Gods likeness. From the first time man and woman got soul then man and woman stopped evolving. Adam and Eve were the first soul humans. All other animals, fish and birds live by instinct. Only humans can think. Only humans have soul. Man and woman in the Garden of Eden were living in bliss, simple bliss, ignorant bliss. God provided their needs and comforts. I don’t believe there were carnivores (meat eaters) in the Garden of Eden. Food for the animals etc and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was obtained from fruit, berries, nuts, herbs, vegetables, and other vegetation. Man and woman wanted to know as God knows and that was their “downfall”. God was angry with Adam and Eve and no more were they to live in simple bliss. Adam and Eve had to work. The Garden had supplied all the food and water and comforts for Adam and Eve but now Adam and Eve had to live outside the Garden and work to get their food and comforts.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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