What if:
Before the universe was created by the “Big Bang” there was a vast ocean of water.

What if:

God created the universe out of this vast ocean of water. 
The Big Bang energy came from water (what if?).

Water is H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen seems to be the best energy source as we know it. The sun is hydrogen. The suns are the most powerful source of energy in the universe – well we think so or is water the most powerful source of energy ever to be. But even if the sun and water are powerful its because of the hydrogen. Imagine running technology powered by water. 
Man can create just about anything one day but will man be able to create water? We have hydrogen from the sun and oxygen come from plants. 
Without water all is lost. 
Why is water made out of hydrogen and oxygen? 

Does God need hydrogen and oxygen to survive?

Does God need water? Water of life. 
God talks about “A new heaven and a new earth”. But where is the water to energise and make a new heaven and a new earth?

Will the current universe stop expanding and slow down until slowly it dies out. God the energy (energy from water) creating the universe but energy dies out over time. In the case of this universe the energy may take trillions or billions of earth years to die out. But God never dies out. God is Spirit. If the universe did start losing energy will the reverse happen the universe starts imploding. The universe dies out as soon as the energy comes to an end. The universe just rolls up like a scroll. Maybe the end will be quick or it might also take a very long time like millions of earth years . But when the energy is finished and like a light going out there is darkness. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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