UPPER CLASS (Gentlemen’s Club)

Kim Philby the double agent and traitor came from the upper class. I myself detest any ideology of the class system. The Monarchies bred class. You were favoured accordingly to how far you were situated in relation to the Royal court. Families also were rated in class by how far they were related to the Royal family. Even people had class accordingly to how they were connected as friends to royalty. Class has meant a lot to good ole England. The English thrived on class. But not all thrived, only those in the upper class and some in the middle classes thrived. You were also born in to class.

Kim Philby’s father was an employee of the British Foreign Service. Now the Foreign Service was the place for the upper class. Kim Philby was therefore born in to upper class. The British Foreign Service was the “Boys club” or a “Gentlemen’s club”. The Foreign Service only employed people from the upper classes. There were other upper class “jobs for the boys”. The intelligence services were “jobs for the boys” for the upper classes. MI 6 and MI 5, the British intelligence services, were usually only open to the upper classes. Being in the upper classes and employed in the “boys jobs” or “Gentlemen’s clubs” you were then part of the establishment. Being part of the establishment meant you were part of the “in crowd” you were the noble class. Kim Philby the double agent was able to deceive the “establishment” because he was upper class. No one doubts the upper class, the upper class were the rulers. Kim was thought of as “British” through and through and he was even though he betrayed his country. Kim absconded to the Soviet Union, but even here he read the British newspapers and I think followed the English cricket. Kim in Russia was not interested in learning the Russian language. So why did Kim betray a nation that he obviously still idolised? His father was a bit of a maverick maybe Kim was just trying to be like his father. 
The class system stinks, the kingdom of God is not about class, it’s about grace and truth. We do not want class to rule our hearts and minds. 
The monarchy system is outdated and needs replacing. The USA is a republic and this system has helped make the USA the superpower it is today. We need elected representatives ruling not one family who have not earned merit (or votes) to rule at all. The USA is not all class free. There is class here if you look for it. In England the upper classes send their children to schools like Eton and to universities like Cambridge and Oxford. The USA also has its upper class schools. Harvard and Yale are the upper class universities in the USA. The USA also had its upper class jobs; the State Department and the intelligence service the C.I.A. Of course the upper classes also work in the private sector in many well paid jobs. 
I never fitted in with class. Class was pretentious. Class was what we call snobbish. Snobs talk through their noses and look down on people. The BODY OF CHRIST is not about class. The parts of the body, us, each have a function to play, each part is valuable and essential, no one part is better than the other. Christians like to play at class. The world loves class, but God defeated the world through his Son Jesus Christ. I in my formative years as a new believing Christ follower was instilled to think I was a Prophet of God. I thought I was a Prophet. This may sound crazy to people who all their life have had profit and not prophet instilled in to their thinking. Profit is about this world whereas prophet is about God. Profit is about money and prophet is not about money. So what would a sensible thinking person go for? Profit or prophet. Profit means money so most or nearly all people go for the money. Who wouldn’t? Money means comfort to many people.
I went to the New Zealand Government employment office in Wellington. This office had boards up with cards of job vacancies on. Each card mentioned a job with a few job description details and contact numbers. I saw a job going at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I rang the number and was invited right then to come up. I was not far from the Ministry so I walked there in quick time. Arriving at my destination a high tall building I entered the lift. At the right floor I exited and introduced myself to a lady. She was sitting behind a desk. She was expecting me. But here things went a bit strange. I spoke to this lady for a few minutes then she said something like I was lucky or fortunate. But I don’t remember all the words so I may have misunderstood it all, maybe I had come at the right time for the job and maybe it was a good job. This lady took me straight to her boss. A few steps and we were with the boss. He seemed a nice person. I told him my work experience. See I had already worked in the NZ government before. I had previously worked in the NZ Tourist and Publicity Department for five years. This Department had affiliations with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Our Tourist Bureau in Wellington where I worked did much work for Foreign Affairs. Our staff booked and ticketed all oversees travel for Wellington Foreign Affairs staff. I myself had had direct regular contact for a while with Foreign Affairs Ministry staff to book domestic travel for their clients. So here I am in front of the boss. Now he seemed a nice person. We talked, he heard about my work experience and studies. I had not long ago finished a year at Victoria University. I did not get a degree I only passed one major subject. But this boss did not ask any deep questions about my university studies. This boss seemed only interested in the type of people I socialised with. This boss wanted to know what kind of jobs my friends had. In hindsight I see that the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a place for the middle to upper classes. It was who did you move amongst, were you mixing with the upper class people, the nobility, the professional people. This boss pointed to a desk about 6 yards away and said that’s where the job works from and you control I think he said 10 million dollars. Now it was either 10 or 7 million one of the two figures. The boss said nothing else about the job and I did not ask. The interview was short. Afterwards I thought over what the Foreign Affairs lady had said thinking “Did God’s Spirit or gift say something to the lady”? But I did not get the job, I really did not want any job. I had a job but it was not a paid job. But God provides for his servants. I was not a person of this world. I had become a servant of God, I was a Prophet. No not profit BUT prophet. The world loves their money, but it was not for me. Now to me “It’s in the thinking” so my thinking and the bosses thinking are connected in words. If I really wanted that job and God wanted me to have it and the job was within my ability and capabilities then I would have got the job. So it was good I did not get this job. I was meant for other things. I am a Prophet. At this job interview I saw at first hand a job about class as the world knows class. I am not about class, I am about grace and truth. I am a better person for not being about class. 
Kim Philby was bred in to the upper class and he turned on his class with vengeance. Kim hated his class. Kim betrayed his class. But Kim though turning against his own class was never able to give it up totally, he still lived his class even while he lived in Russia. Maybe you never leave your class. Maybe you can go up or down the class but you still are in a class. Class is in bred to us from infancy. Our parents are in a class. We are schooled in a system of class according to intelligence. School teaches us that the bright students are upper class. But being bright may be different from having a high intelligence IQ. We can be bright, the human spirit we have can be very bright, we may have been washed in the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST from all our sins but our IQ can still be low. To be part of the washed people of God does not automatically make you highly intelligent. So is it fair that the high IQ people are treated like gods at school? Class is a worldly manifestation. God is not about class. Class puts walls around you. Each class is walled off from other classes. “United we win, divided we fall”. Walls are not healthy, God is about making bridges and not walls between people. Walls make prisons. So the world teaches you to conform to class. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

NB: NZ: New-Zealand.


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