What me become a tradesman?Who do you think I am?

I am going to university to get a degree and so get a good job.

So being a tradie is having a bad job?

Look here I am an educated person.

I don’t get it what is wrong being a tradie?

It’s a dirty job for one. 

So you think the dirty jobs are bad jobs?

No it’s just that I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

You want a clean job?

Yes yes.

The Apostle Paul says “Work with your hands”. 

I do work with my hands.

Yer but it looks like poncy around work. Working with your hands means “Work with your hands”. “And get them dirty”. 

I am going to university. 

Is university going to lift you up from the lower working classes; is this a class thing to you?

I am middle class but I want to be higher class.

So you want to live in the management class the class that manages the lower working class.

Yes yes. 

So you think working is managing the workers?

I am educated I don’t work with my hands to get them dirty.

So to be educated means you are not in the working class. So what is education for if not to really work with your hands?

It’s about the class system.

Is the class system fair?

It’s the way. It’s been that way for centuries.

I think things have changed. Tradies are now the middle and upper classes. Tradies are rich. Tradies don’t come in the back door but come in the front door. Tradies charge money just to come to your home. Tradies choose the work they want to do. University degrees are treated as an escape from real work but these degree people are now at the feet of the tradies. We want our toilet unblocked, we want our leaking taps fixed, we want our lights fixed. We want our plumbing and electrical problems fixed. We want our roof fixed. Tradies are the new middle/upper class. 

But I want to go to university to get an education. 

Wrong you want to go to university to get a qualification. You are only interested in MONEY and lots of it. What is your DREAM?

Dream, what do you mean?

What do you want to do for the greater good?

I want to get a home, get a good paid job, travel, have a good car, …….

Stop it there. I said what do you want to do for OTHERS? You talk just about me me me me.

Look here I am busy I can not talk now, I have work to do.

You are always busy, as soon as you get up in the morning till you go to bed you are busy.

That’s it, I am busy. Please leave me alone.

You are so busy that you have no time to reflect. Maybe you should have time out to reflect.

Look I am too busy to reflect.

There is your mistake. And when your body can not take it any longer will you reflect then? Me I reflect all the time. The body and mind can just take so much. 
Tradesmen deserve to be the upper class. They have earned that right.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Love this. There are so many people who don’t want to lift a finger in their house – Taskaway is perfect for these people –

    But they shouldn’t look down on Tradies!

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