The Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler????? No no.

 Stalin and Hitler were bosom pals at the beginning of the war. Stalin is as much a butcher as Hitler. 
We must not forget that the USA had the trump card. This card was the atomic bomb. The USA had the atomic bomb in 1945 and if the Soviets had not come in to the war against Hitler the USA could have nuked a few German cities. Actually the Soviets you could say saved Germany from being nuked. Japan was nuked in to submission and Germany could have been nuked in to submission. 
Hitler and Stalin were like Rottweiler dogs, they were savage and attacked people. These two dogs needed putting down. If a dog is attacking you viciously sometimes killing the dog is the only way to save yourself. Even if you have to pull the clip off a grenade and put the grenade down the dogs throat. 
Governments should have sent assassins after Hitler. 
But of course that is not cricket.
And world leaders are afraid they will then be targeted.
Sometimes war can be just about killing the leaders, the leaders are few. But no what happens millions of people have to die. Leaders don’t want to die. Leaders may have an agreement that they don’t die but their followers, military, die. Hitler could have been assassinated early on in the play before the war. But leaders think there will be pay back. 
President Kennedy – when he was The leader of the USA he came close to being an important cog in there being a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the USA. This was going on while the likes of me and you (if you were alive then) were sleeping in our cosy beds, parents saying good night to our children, going to work, reading a book, watching television. But while we were living our daily grind we might have been obliterated in a few seconds, like vaporised in to nothing. But aren’t we all nothing but wind, and some might say “hot air”. 
Kennedy did a show down with the Soviets preventing their ships bringing and landing missiles to Cuba. USA war ships forced the Soviet ships to turn back. 
Now were these Soviet missiles nuclear armed? I guess so. 
The confrontation was eased and war stopped because the USA as a compromise removed their nuclear missiles from Turkey. Such missiles here in Turkey were obviously aimed at the Soviet Union. 
Kennedy was later assassinated. 
Why Kennedy was killed is still not fully known. 
But we know that there might have been a nuclear war and millions of people dying. There was no war this time. 
Did Kennedy have to die? Was it better he died to save face for other people? I don’t know. 
So world leaders take the safe back seats and send their armies in to the battle. Millions die. But in the case of Hitler if he had been killed millions of people might not have died.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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