Tonight I just finished reading the ebook titled MOTHERLAND written by Rita Goldberg. A sensational book to read, a book that bites into your air space and let’s you know that there is much more to life than just wondering where and when are you going to take your next holiday or what shall I have for dinner tonight or I hope the gas bill is not too high in my next bill.
This book is good reading not just because it has excitement but because this book teaches us lessons to learn about humanity. Humanity has a deep heart and that heart can spawn evil as well as good but sometimes the evil looks like it is winning BUT like every children’s books we read as youngins we believe in the good ruling over evil. We know good will prevail in the end. The wicked witch always gets her upcomance. The holocaust in the Second World War was real as real as the air I am breathing now. Rita Goldberg takes us on a journey, a journey with her mother father and grandparents. In the reading we breathe the sufferings that this family endured. We come up for air hoping the events will get better but we feel drowned in the sorrows that the family is entangled in but finally the evil is overcome and we see that God is good and He prevails.

Why? Why? Why? Some people may ask why did this holocaust happen? Our hearts are evil but our hearts also have good, it is up to us to foster the good side not the evil side. God gives us FREEWILL. But in our FREEWILL we humans can be so evil. We must live for God not Satan. Spread the message of God. Give children growing up Hope and Love and Peace. We want this world to be a good place to live in. Adults need to raise up their children in the love of God and these children will teach their children Gods love and so on for many many generations.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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