Sarajevo 28th June 1914 the heir to the Austrian Hungarian Empire was murdered (His wife was also murdered). 

So what????
So what? This murder ended in the death of millions of people. This murder started a world war, the First World War.
All over the death of a Archduke, the heir to the emperor of an empire. 
Yes. One death means millions of deaths.
But the world’s people are not that stupid. 
Want a bet. 
After the war finished the Austrian Hungarian Empire was no more as its name sake applies. Austria and Hungry for starters became separate countries.
So peoples, yer wars start over just one death. World leaders can be very proud. And what does it say “Pride goes before a fall”. 
So the death of this Royal Archduke took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The killer belonged to a Serbian terrorist organisation. The Austrian Hungarian Empire must have declared war against Serbia, then was it Russia sided with Serbia and Germany sided with the Austrian Hungarian Empire; France and Great Britain and I think sided with Serbia, the Commonwealth nations sided with Great Britain and it goes on. And why did this world war start? I think PRIDE. Pride led to the fall of millions of people. 
But tensions existed already before the death between the Austrian Hungarian Empire and Serbia.
World leaders decide whether to go to war. But these world leaders do not lead from the front, these leaders lead from way at the back, out of the range of enemy fire. True leaders should lead from the front and lead by example. Leaders leading from the back, living in luxury, don’t get too upset by the carnage and suffering of their front line soldiers. If a leader wants to start a war a true leader will gauge whether to start the war with him/her self being in the front lines and if they are not willing to fight from the front then don’t start the war. Many soldiers are willing to be high ranked leaders so they can be in the rear lines. War in defence also is the same, the leaders have to lead from the front; but they won’t, why not? We or most of us are cowards. 
There is often tension between nations BUT it’s the same as there’s tensions between people. Leaders have to try and get on together. Be nice to each other. Respect each other. When tensions begin between people as when tensions begin to exist between nations you have to ask how can we resolve the tension. Too much tension and people get angry, and then they might get aggressive. People then might die.

You can stop wars by reflecting about any existing tension and trying to resolve tensions before they fester. 
Do millions of people have to suffer and die because of one death?
Afraid so. 
Millions of people also get life because of one man. The one Jesus Christ. We get ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ. 
I recommend that when a nation leaders think of starting a war over one or two or a handful of deaths that they first consult the Bible. 
The holy scripture teaches tolerance and forgiveness.
So why go to war? 
Who knows why this war started besides the death happening of a Archduke?
There’s talk that war had been brewing for years before the actual outbreak. There were many Monarchies ruling the big countries in Europe and many of these monarchs were related. Queen Victoria seemed to be the monarch that kept her other relatives in line. Victoria was respected. But after Victoria died the cousins were not getting on well together. 
Also many nations at this time had defence allegiance pacts between them. So when war came nations sided with those nations that they were in pact with.
Maybe people were getting bored and they wanted war for the excitement. Go to war, see the world and get adventure all paid for by the State. 
Maybe “man” has to fight at times to let off all his aggression that builds up over time. Stress comes with living and man needs someone to let his stress out on. Man needs a punching bag. Sometimes man uses other men as his punching bag.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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