The day was going nice for me. I was getting plenty of food in this place, it was warm in the rooms and the staff seemed ok. Where was I? I was in a hospital. Not a general hospital but a psychiatric hospital in New Zealand. I was chilling out from a very stressed life. I needed to unwind and get everyone out of my head. I wanted “head space”. I needed to reflect and get peace in me. It was like a lot of my life had been in the wars. My mind and heart were so wound up from all the world’s transgressions that it was either join them or die. Then again my life could also have been influenced by my generational sins. Sins of my ancestors could have also brought my downfall, my sins and there’s. But I was overall a simple man and never got in to really deep bad behaviour. I was very frustrated but who is not now a days.

Now I was in a hospital. The less wise of us people would call it a place for loonies. These less wise are usually tempted to discriminate against anything or anybody not fitting into their own narrow minded requirements. Open minded people are less judgemental. Open minded people are wiser. I never really felt I belonged in this hospital. I noticed a lot of patients here would smoke. Smoking was a main side activity, smoking and drinking coffee. Coffee or tea with plenty of sugar. Mind you not all the patients were unwise. There was also the odd person with talent and ability but they were few. I was a practicing Christian in this time and I would often pray (just as I often pray now) and read the holy scriptures (I do this now every day). Hospital was my mission field. Everyone here knew I was a Christian; even the doctors knew. I never hid my light under a bushel. I talked God night and day.
It was a usual day. I was in the lounge, people were playing pool. I was just mingling with people. There was one patient a big man but seemingly an ok man to get on with but he came up to me and punched me very hard in my stomach. It was a shock to me to be punched especially from a man I considered non violent and friendly. He then railed on about something I was supposed to have said about a recent dead relative of his. I did not understand, I had said nothing. But there was a clue; a few minutes before the punch I heard or discerned words from my heart spoken out. I believe I have a Spirit in my heart that helps me. This Spirit is wise and all understanding. I never always had this Spirit. I treat this Spirit as a friend. Now there was also another clue; around that time for days or weeks I was discerning in thoughts that I was called by God to be a Prophet. Prophets are real in todays Church and anybody who says otherwise are not informed. So I was of a mind that I was a Prophet. Now I had thoughts about this Prophet calling and I prayed to God asking to be called a Chief Prophet. So much for the good wisdom on my behalf I wanted more than I was getting given. I had applied human wisdom rather than Christ’s wisdom to Gods calling gift to me. I was not clever. I had this theory that if I was a Chief Prophet instead of just a Prophet then other Prophets would have to submit to me. I thought I was too good. So Pride leaked in to my thinking and what does pride go with “Pride goes before a fall”. I took a fall. I was punched in the stomach very hard, I mean hard hard. But, and there is a but, I never felt any pain from the punch to my stomach. No pain at all. That is unusual because such a punch in normal circumstances would cause very big pain but these were not normal circumstances they were super normal circumstances. God was playing his part here. I am not saying God punched me, no, because I knew who punched me, it was a human man. But I think God used this man. God was angry with me I asking to be Chief. I was called to be a Prophet and that should have been enough for the calling. Right after I was punched I rushed out of the building. I was scared. I knew other forces were in play here. The punch I took was a sign of an angry God. I felt no pain but I was scared. I did not know what to do. I knew the nurses would not help. The man obviously had heard words from my Spirit helper who is in my heart and this Spirit triggered the man to get angry and punch me. I was in an open ward so I was not locked in and could walk about outside freely. I decided to walk to the town centre which is about 14 minutes walk away. I was walking down the path to leave the hospital grounds. I intended to come back to the hospital ward after a short time. I had decided that the man who punched me was not angry anymore and this punch was out of character and just a oncer.
As I was walking I passed a young man coming in the opposite direction. I knew Matthew as a patient but had very little dealings with him. Matthew stopped, I stopped. Matthew said a few words to me then walked on. He stopped again and then said another few words to me. Then he walked on. I was immediately gladdened to hear what Matthew had said to me. His first few words to me were “I was a Prophet”. His second few words to me were “I was a Chief Prophet”. All amazing. I mean Matthew did not know anything about my thoughts on my calling from God. I told no one about the heart and mind thoughts that I was having around that time about my being called a Prophet. God chose Matthew to confirm to me my calling and God confirmed to me that he had also given me the calling of Chief with Prophet. So I was a Chief Prophet. I still feel bad a bit even now how I wanted the Chief. I know humans can be so bad. But God may have been angry with my prayer request but still he gave me my request. Did my prayer request make my life a different one that was planned by God, I don’t know. I hope I am all forgiven. Matthew to me was not one to speak to about the bible and its teachings so I was amazed that God used Matthew to speak to me. Some people say God is in everyone. Now I don’t understand about God being in everyone. Maybe we can not live unless God is in us.
Getting people out of my head has been a mission of mine. I messed up my mind or my mind was messed up by other souls and even now today I have not reached full stability. When I take a hit I take it to my mind rather than to my body. My mind takes the attack. My heart takes the vexing.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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