I had a dream. Oh yer you had a dream what of it, I dream all the time, night and day. No I had a real dream a dream of dreams. A dream I had when I was young but now in my senior years I remember this dream as if it was still looking me in the face. I had this dream but it was not like all my other dreams. Actually that is not true, I have had two dreams that I call my divine given dreams, they were dreams that were picture perfect in the dream. It was like watching a movie. To be honest out of all my dreaming I remember only these two dreams. I wake up from a regular dream and I forget the dream within minutes, as soon as I get my thinking cap on the dream fades away totally. I believe my two divine dreams were given to me by God. 

Let me explain the one dream concerning what I now call the Dick Head. This expression Dick Head is one we pick up at school from other students. I remember hearing it at I think primary school. Dick is of course meaning the male humans private part. Being called a Dick Head is meant to be offensive and a put down. You call boys and men Dick Heads. We know where the head is but what is the Dick supposed to do with the head. There might be a simple explanation besides from all the crude explanations one may think of. There might be a clinical explanation away from the crude sayings on toilet walls. 
I had this dream. I was about 25 years old and had not long become a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. As I said I have had two divine dreams but here I will write about one of those divine dreams because this dream may explain about the head as in who do we worship. 

The dream: There were about four small shadows. There was what I understood as a penis. All this is on a small scale. There was a circular platform. The shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. They ran in the same direction. 

Now the dream opened up as follows: There was a shadow with a disc in both its hands. One disc. A small round disc. This shadow was beating the disc up and down like waving it fast. It seemed the shadow was beating the air. Then suddenly three other shadows appear in the circular room. I think three. The first shadow seemed to be overwhelmed. This first shadow then seemed to cower or try to hide to the side at a bit lower on the circular area. This first shadow was not running, it was staying in one place. The other three shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. Now when the three shadows appeared, also the penis appeared with them. In the middle of the circular platform was a circular column. I did not see above this column. 
Why did I think that there was a penis in this dream? I knew from revelation, I just knew. What were these shadows? I think they were souls. Whose souls were they? I do not really know, they could be my immediate family. Whose penis is it? I really don’t know, it could come from my human father. Now my understanding of the dream is limited, a lot of my understanding I write to explain the dream is up to conjecture. But the dream is very real. To point the dream at my family could be wrong. So where are these shadows? I think the shadows are in the head, again this is up conjecture. But the soul being in the heart does not gel to me and it makes sense for the soul to be in the head. To me the heart is home to the human spirit and also home to the God Spirit. The God Spirit is given to the ELECT. Who are the elect? That question is hard to answer. I like to think I am one of the elect. What did the shadows look like? The shadows were amazingly able to move fast like at a quick pace and their movements seemed so individualistic that one may wonder that in that shadow there is more to consider. Like the shadow is more than just a shadow, it may think. The shadow was like a person. Why did the three shadows come in the dream? I think these three shadows and the penis overwhelmed the first shadow. The first shadow belonged in this area and the other shadows and penis came in a bad way. The first shadow was like taken over. Who is the first shadow? I think it was my soul. So what is this area where the shadows and penis were? I could call it the mind. So did you lose your mind to other souls? That is up to conjecture, but it looks that way. Why was this dream shown to you? I think it was to make me understand my predicament. I seemed to be having what people call mental problems. But then again the dream can be used to give lots of people understanding. What has happened to your mind since you had the dream? I had already accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and I leave it up to God to unravel all my mind problems. The WORDS of God can help my mind and soul and heart and body. I do not want to have a Dick Head or what people might say a Penis Head I want to have a God Head. I do not worship the penis but God. God is the HEAD of my body. God is the Head of the church, the body of Christ. 
So I have moved from Dick Head to God Head.
The Head is head of the body. The head rules the body. The head has the brains. Don’t be ruled by the penis. The penis is not meant to rule the body. You don’t get your strength from the penis. The penis should not be giving orders to the head. The head should have God’s WORDS and God’s WORDS give strength and understanding. The penis will make you go mad if it was in charge of the body. Worship God. Gods strength is eternal. It’s natural for a human to be ruled by God’s wisdom. 
The husbands head, mind, rules the wife and the mind of the husband should have the mind of Jesus Christ. The man having an empty head, no mind of Jesus, makes the man’s mind open to being a mind taken over by the woman, the wife. The wife should not be the head of the family, the husband should be the head of the family and ruling with the head, mind, of Christ. Woman should not rule the man’s head. Now a days there is so much mental illness in this world just because people’s souls, minds, are not obeying the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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