CUBA – invaded again?

The invasion – not bay of pigs again?
Fidel we are being invaded. 

Speak up man, speak up.

Sir we are being invaded.

Did you say invaded?

Yes Fidel, invaded.

Get my walking frame. It’s war.

Sir it’s too late the invaders are on the streets. 

Where’s my uniform? Get me out of these pyjamas my people need me. Oh I need a rest, all this excitement. I might nap for an hour. Wake me up in an hour and then it’s down to the beaches we will wipe this capitalist scum off the face of the earth.

Sir can I wipe your face?


There seems to be some food left over from breakfast on your face.

Oh go away I am tired leave me alone. 

Who is going to lead us against the capitalist scum?

My memory is going who did you say you were?

Sir the capitalists?

Mean while USA tourists are flooding the streets of Havana. A cruise ship is in port. Cubans are happy. 
People love having capital. Cubans are raking in the money selling to the tourists. The tourists are happy to come to Cuba. 
Fidel is sleeping. He dreams of repelling the capitalist pigs at the bay of pigs. 
Cubans are thinking “Maybe Cuba has been living in a bad dream for many years”. 
Wake up Cuba. The light is coming.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “CUBA – invaded again?”

  1. mukul chand Says:

    Great Post

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