It may be true that Hillary Clinton is the sensible pick out of Trump or Sanders to be President. 
Bernie Sanders is an interesting fella. Trump we can forget as just a “wild card” but Bernie is someone to maybe listen to. Bernie advocates increasing the tax for the rich people to pay more social welfare to the poor people. Sounds good to people like me. I am not rich. I mean Bernie sounds like the modern day Robin Hood. But Bernie’s socialism might look good to some and not good to others. 
So the rich get the scorn of the poor. But the poor secretly wish they were rich. It’s overcome the Bourgeois classes and let the poor classes rule. But not all seems correct here. The low poorly when ruling they then become the materialistic rich. And the rich become the poor. Socialism nor capitalism is evil, it’s just the extremes of such that are evil. Politics has always been left wing and right wing political thinking but thinking middle of the road is the best way. Walk straight, standing upright, not leaning sideways or backwards. We want to be upright and straight thinkers, not perverse political thinkers.
Having a goal to become rich helps the poor work hard. To focus on becoming rich drives a whole nation; it is called Progress. People love their materials. To take away people’s materials takes away their goals and people have no incentive to work hard. The Soviet Union was an example of the State taking away all incentive away from the workers to work. The State controlled even the minds of people. People relish freedom and freedom is to own capital. We want to live in material comfort. 
Bernie Sanders has some good ideas. But we need to work in with capitalism. We want to own things. We want to goal set to own things. Our work is based on the incentive to own things. We won’t work hard unless we can own our own capital. We all wish we were rich. And the poor envy the rich. But the poor can also work hard and maybe they will also get rich. 
Bernie Sanders in his socialism has a crusade against the rich.
Hillary Clinton is second best to Barack Obama and that was proved by Barack beating Hillary to become President. The Clintons would be best not to ridicule the Obamas in any form because we already know the performance of Barack and his leadership style has passed many tests and trials.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “PRESIDENT OF THE USA??”

  1. Nick Johnson Says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful post. I think Bernie Sanders is more a social democrat than a pure socialist. He doesn’t want to abolish capitalism as far as I can see. He does want a larger role for the government to intervene in economic life, and we may have reached the turning point where there is enough disaffection with the current system outcomes to do this. He may not win the nomination but he has surely influenced the policies being discussed. That can only be a good thing in an obscenely unequal world.

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