Jesus Freak

I have not always been a Jesus freak. There was a time when I was a Satan freak – and that was real freaky. What’s better
to be a Satan freak or a Jesus freak? I know what I choose. 

In my youth until I was about 24 years of age I was lost. I was a lost soul. I was in the wilderness and at the mercy of the dark forces. The light was not in me, and if it was it was only a very dim light. My soul was in a lot of darkness. I was dim. They also call it dim witted. God is light, Satan is darkness. 
I was birthed in to darkness. Satan after a while was trying to win me over, win my soul over in to his perverted wisdom. Satan’s wisdom is perverse and freaky. But people also say God’s wisdom is freaky. God’s wisdom is pure. Satan’s wisdom is dirty. 
At about 24 years of age I was at a very low point in my life. Satan was doing his best to take over my soul. Satan wanted to convert me into his perverted wisdom. But God had other ideas for my life. I also had no want to be what Satan wanted me to be. I thought Satan’s wisdom was the pits. I could not live with myself if I was converted totally into Satan’s wisdom. 
God reached out to me through people. But first the PAINTING of the mountain as you see. I was at my low point and I was driving my car. I must have seen a sign and pulled over. There was a small hall like a church hall. I went in and saw many paintings on walls. The paintings had sold on them but there was to my memory (my memory now of this painting being the only one not sold is not overly good so I could be wrong) only one painting left unsold. I loved this painting at first sight and the price was not too expensive. I bought this painting. A few years later while recuperating from all my years with the abuse from Satan I was in bed and looking at this painting (it was on my wall). By this time I had accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOUR. Thoughts came to me. My life was now on a path upwards not downwards like before. I was on a path to the top of this mountain. The mountain represented knowledge of God. Not the knowledge as the world sees knowledge but knowledge as in knowing God. The mountain was wisdom of God knowledge through the Lord Jesus Christ. Wisdom is understanding and insight. 
The Mountain painting:

The dragon has a woman sitting on its back. The woman has both outstretched arms reaching towards the infant. The infant is between the woman and the Man at the top of the mountain. The Man at the top of the mountain has a long rod in his hand. The rods end is near the dragons head. 

The dragon and the woman also represent a forearm and a hand. The hand points outwards. The Palm facing outwards. 
It seems the woman and the dragon are in issue with the Man about who gets the infant. The woman trying to reach out to the infant. But the infant is drawn to the Man at the top. Does the infant become the Man or is the infant going to sit beside the Man at the top? The Man has the rod and can strike the dragon with the rod. 
The hand means that the dragon and the woman sitting on the dragon do not want anyone going up this mountain. Back off they say. 
I think that the infant represents me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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