ENLIGHTENMENT – (It’s ambiguity)

 To enlighten someone we give them light. Light lets us see. To see we get insight. Insight is to understand. To see in the dark is not possible. There is much darkness around. There is also much light about. The Stars give us light. The stars in the universe give light to the universe. We Christians are the stars that light up this world. 
The light is in us Christians. Our light legacy goes on carrying on in the bodies of our descendants. Of course not all our descendants carry on the light, there are those who want to live in the darkness and refuse to accept the giver of light. God leaves those who do not want Him. God is Spirit. Many souls are born into spiritual darkness. And many souls are born into the light. It’s good to have parents who are of the light and not of the dark. To grow up in a home of spiritual darkness is nearing insanity. In the dark, demons trouble you night and day. Ones soul is swamped with filthy dirty thoughts in the dark. You are continually violated in the dark. Satan is the king of darkness. God is the King of the light. Sinners, who want to sin a lot like to stay in the dark so that their sins will not be seen. In the light your sins are seen. 
People live in double minded enlightenment. There are two lights. There is the natural real genuine true God light and there is the man made artificial unnatural light. We humans live in both man made light and God made light. During the day outside we see by the natural God sun light. But when we come in doors we see by the unnatural man made light. Inside during the day we use both man made light and God sun light. But at night we use the man made light. We turn on the light switch at night and eureka we have light to see by. But man made light is unnatural. Our eyes in God were made for the natural light just as our body intestines were made for the natural food. Our whole body is created for the natural. God is natural. Our intestines are made to assimilate natural foods and not man made artificial foods. Anything unnatural is bad for us humans. Unnatural light is bad for us. Natural light, the sun, is good for us but anything good for us must be used in moderation, don’t over do it and don’t under do it. 
There is light and there is light. The light from man is artificial and not God made. Man understands and sees from both man made given light and from God given light. God gives His enlightenment through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. When we are converted to the mind of Christ we see and think Christlike. Our senses take in the incoming information, our mind analyses the information using the the mind of Christ and we think accordingly. We become wise in Christ. Apostle Paul in the Bible writes about human wisdom. Human wisdom is the enlightenment made up by man and not God. Human wisdom is artificial and unnatural. Human wisdom is not good for us humans. But humans are so used to living for both lights, God made and man made. How would man do without turning on man made lights at night for instance? We take it so much for granted to switch on the light switch at night. We humans live for both sunlight and artificial light. Man would think it crazy to do away with the light bulbs. Man made is so thought of as natural now a days that we think that God does not exist. We see so much man made that we seldom contemplate on God made. 
Go outside look at the insects, look at the plants, look at the birds; think God made. Man did not make the insects, birds, plants and animals. But Man has made many things. We are smothered in man made so much now a days. Humans live for both man made and God made. Human wisdom will stay. But the true light is from God and not from man. Mans wisdom will stay. Man loves creating. Man thinks he/she is clever. Man has made light. Man will never forsake all his creations. The true simple life is to live for Gods creations and not mans creations. Just imagine man forsaking his television or car or computer or mobile phone or fridge or oven or radio. To live the SIMPLE life is natural and to live natural is good health. Natural food is more healthy for us than eating unnatural food. Man and his creations might be the undoing of the human race. Man made creations might kill us all. 
I don’t live the full SIMPLE LIFE. Who does? No one. There are people who try to live a natural simple life like monks and nuns but even they do not forsake all mans creations. The Amish, a Protestant religious group, are also known to try and live without a lot of mans creations.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
Man: male and female humans.


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