Castro and his lieutenants aged in their 70’s and 80’s and even older still trying to play at their old game “revolution”. These guys are ready for the old folks home where they can talk amongst themselves about all their so called mighty achievements. 
Open mind, open borders, trade and prosper. 
Closed mind, closed border, dark and poor. 
The light comes in when you open up. 
It’s true what Castro says “There is not much difference between the democrats and the republicans in the USA”. The difference between the USA and Cuba is that the USA is free and Cuba is not free. Cuba is not part of the “Free world”. The USA is a democratic nation whereas Cuba is a authoritarian nation. 
To me DEMOCRACY is a winner. 
The Greeks came up with democracy ruling a nation. Democracy is the rule by the people ruling through elected representatives. 
Cuba is communist. The socialist rule. Rulership of assets is social owned, owed by the Government. No one owns land or capital, except the oligarchy the ruling communist class. 
Social rule smothers incentive and initiative. People are not inspired by social rule where the ownership is collectively owned under the Government. We must use our own brains. We each have our God given gifts and calling (vocation) and communism stifles out God. Communism does not want God. Communism sees God as a threat. Communism is mans wisdom not Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Democracy and capitalism serves Christ’s ideals. Christ is Gods only begotten Son. To worship Christ is to worship the supreme creator God.  
Man gets inspiration when he can work for capital that he can own. 
If one wants to live the communal life in Christ then join a monastery or nunnery. Communal life in God is not bad. Communing is good. But we commune with Christ as our Head (mind). 
Because communism (left extreme thinking) has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD), I have no place for communism. Right wing fascism (right extreme thinking) also has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD) and I have no place for fascism. We need to let the brains in the HEAD rule. People who rule to the extreme left or extreme right use weapons like guns to keep them in leadership. We need to use words to rule with and the words that are our framework of thinking are Gods WORDS. The Bible must be our reference point always. 
Because the democrats and republicans seem the same, that is good, because one party leans left and the other party leans right. So if there is little difference here that means both parties are leaning towards one another making a more or less centralised political thinking. To walk central is good. A bird has a right wing and a left wing but the bird uses both wings to fly straight (central). To lean too far left or to use our left wing too much we don’t fly straight but fly in circles. It’s the same if we lean too much right, we fly in circles. Cuba is leaning too far left politically. Cuba has not flown straight for many years, it has flown in circles, Cuba has made no head way for yonks. Cuba is backward. The USA has made headway and keeps on making headway with its central forward going politics. Left politics and right politics are needed just as a bird needs both its wings. But we must use our heads, our brain is in our head, the head is between the two wings (left and right) and the “head is in charge” not the wings (political) — UNDERSTAND. The HEAD uses both political wings to go STRAIGHT. 
So for me to see a nation going in circles and stays backward, because to go in circles you do stay backward – the whole thing looks silly. If you saw a bird flying in circles would you not think that was silly or maybe you would think that the bird was SICK. Maybe nations who go in circles are sick. To be backward is sick. Cuba is definitely backward. Cuba’s leadership do not use the head. 
Jesus Christ is the HEAD of the body the church. My mind is the mind of Jesus Christ. My mind is in my head. My mind of Christ rules my body. My body is under the head, the head has the senses, the senses help me to discern.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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