I think all things start simple, they go on to get complex. But if we lose our connective ness to the beginning simplicity we lose our connective ness to what makes us. Simplicity is what made us and makes us. Our simplicity beginning grounds us otherwise we are “way up there with the fairies” as the saying goes.

God created us in the beginning. God in pure simplicity made us simple. We are made simple and all our on going complexity is rooted in simplicity. We must not think that we were made complex. We lose touch with our creator if we think we were made complex in the beginning. Our spiritual strength starts with simplicity. Though we go on to be complex we still retain the simplicity in our complexness. The complexness is made from simplicity. The fiber example – the complex yacht is made from the simple fiber. One strand of fiber and many strands of fiber making the boats sails, hull etc.
God in His Spirit made all the universe. The single simple one fiber strand making a whole boat.
We are rooted to simplicity. In our mothers womb, does God speak to us? Do we make a decision whether to reject God or accept Him and do we make this decision from our mothers womb?
To live for complexity is false. We must live for simplicity in the complexity. God created in the beginning, God the Spirit who is very small made what is very big.
To live for complexity is to lose touch with God. Man makes complexity God makes simplicity. God made all the simplicity that mankind turns in to complexity. The fiber strand was made in to complexity (into many things) by man. The yacht was made by man. The boats hull and sails were made by man. Man made all the boat (and it’s made out of fiber, many one fibers).
God provides the simplicity and man makes from there.
To keep rooted to simplicity and to never forget our beginning simplicity keeps us sane. We do not want to be “up with the fairies”. Our strength is rooted with God through our human spirit to Gods Spirit. Our human spirit may give up on Gods Spirit from our mothers womb.

To leave God and His SIMPLICITY is to live for complexity and to live for complexity is to live outside Gods growth, such is not rooted in God, such is to be “away with the fairies”. Fairies are in a dream world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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