I have been watching the television series 10,000 BC recently. I see how hard it is for a small tribe of 21st century modern day thinkers to survive just with Stone Age technology. Well we can hardly call it technology as we define it now; the seeds of technology took root in the way past and survive to this day. We can call technology the result of knowledge. Knowledge came to rest in mankind’s souls and hearts just after the beginning of human existence. People became human beings when God breathed a soul in to them. Knowledge was not a necessary thing for mankind to have in the Garden of Eden as God provided all mankind’s needs. Knowledge came soon after mankind’s soul existence and caused The Fall. The soul brought with it language. What was mankind like before they got soul? Maybe mankind was just a non thinking creature using instinct like other creatures. 

The first Man and Woman lived in a Garden of bliss. This garden had growing in it all the food that Adam and Eve needed for survival. I do not think Adam and Eve were carnivores. This Garden in the beginning was a place of Peace. No creature ate other creatures. Food was in abundance in this Garden. We do call it the Garden of Eden and a Garden as we know just grows plants. Gardens have fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Gardens are not enclosures for animals to be captured and slaughtered for food. Gardens are for growing food, non meat. God placed the first man and woman in this Garden. All the creatures in this Garden were tame (they had nothing to fear). There were no hunters in this Garden. The Garden provided all the necessary food for all the creatures in the Garden. 
But mankind got knowledge. Do we need knowledge to survive? I think mankind needs knowledge to survive in this world. Knowledge was not necessary for survival in the Garden of Eden but knowledge is necessary for survival outside the Garden of Eden. This television series I have been watching, 10,000 BC, proves mankind needs knowledge to survive. Why did mankind get knowledge in the first place when he/she did not need knowledge in Gods Garden. Mankind is greedy. Mankind wanted to be like God. Mankind wanted to know as God knows. We humans want the things that our superiors tell us not to touch or have. Humans basically are naughty children. God says “don’t touch that” and we touch it. God says “don’t eat that” and we eat it. God said to mankind “don’t eat of knowledge” and mankind ate of it. So mankind got knowledge as God has knowledge but what was the problem? God does not like disobedience. Mankind disobeyed God. But still what is the problem for mankind to know as God knows? You tell me. But remember it is said and written that God is a jealous God. Mankind disobeyed God and got knowledge like God has and God in his anger sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Now mankind had to survive but he/she with knowledge and with work was able to survive. Mankind had to learn skills to acquire food. There were the hunters and gatherers. Then also came the livestock herders and the gardeners. Knowledge took root in Adam and Eve and now in our current times knowledge is like exploding. We hope knowledge does not explode in mankind’s face and destroys us all. 
Maybe God ejected Adam and Eve from the Garden because God was providing all the needs, mankind had no need or want, all was provided. Mankind had no need of knowledge to survive in the Garden but mankind turned his/her nose up at God, thinking he/she knew better. So now you know as God knows go and do it your way. Prove you can do it without Gods help. But not in my Garden. 
Mankind can not return to the Garden of Eden times so knowledge has become a necessity. We can not survive without knowledge. The irony of knowledge was that mankind did not need knowledge because in the beginning God provided mankind with all his/her needs. But mankind disobeyed God, got ejected out of Gods Garden and so mankind had to provide his/her own needs. To provide their needs mankind has to work. In the Garden of Eden mankind did not have to work. Mankind has to live with what we call his/her fallen state. The fallen state was to eat of knowledge and get ejected from the Garden of Eden and work for a living (work to survive). The tree of knowledge took root in man and woman and it has been growing for along time. How long has mankind existed? I believe all things begin simple. They say life starts simple and then it becomes complex. Complex is many. One cell becomes many cells. Life starts as a single cell in water. Adam and Eve lived a very simple life in the Garden but in the world (outside the Garden) their lives and their descendants lives became complex. Mankind makes complex. God makes simple. Life is now getting so complicated that mankind is often stressing out. Mankind’s thoughts are getting so wound up that we need time out to unravel all his/her thinking. Balls of knotty thoughts mess up with our thinking minds. Mankind needs time out to reflect. We need a mirror to reflect off. Mirrors are clean or they should be. We need to reflect off clean spirits. Clean minds can help reflect other minds. The Holy Spirit of God can cleanse our minds and hearts. Gods Holy Scriptures can also help us to reflect. The Holy Scriptures act as a mirror and a good sounding board. 
So where does knowledge connect up with Gods vocations for us humans. I see, perceive, that we humans each have a God given vocation. The peculiar thing about our God given vocation is that each vocation has a face that goes with it. Our face on our head expresses in looks our vocation, such is like a spiritually revelation, given off by spirit to spirit. I think knowledge (caused the fall of mankind) is embedded in our God given vocation, but about this I am not sure. I do perceive vocations in people and can not but think that knowledge has to support such God given vocations, so we and God make do with what we have and get on with it. Mankind can not go back to a life of simplicity (in the Garden of Eden). Is knowledge simple? Knowledge is understood according to how much ability one has. Ability is called intelligence. But is knowledge simple? We can try and keep knowledge simple (that is the better way) but mankind often tries to make knowledge complex.
Knowledge is most likely to be with mankind until the END.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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