Clive Palmer our home grown billionaire makes me think of Donald Trump the USA grown billionaire. So what do these two men have in common? 

Quite a bit it seems. They both teach us by their living styles that to get rich be aggressive. The faint hearted will not get rich. Don’t be afraid. Push for all it’s worth and you will break through. Donald Trump is no wimp, he’s a goer and pushes until he succeeds. 
So what does success mean to Clive and Donald? MONEY AND LOTS OF IT. The worldly people are ready to grovel at these two mens feet because the worldly people want the rich crumbs that fall of these two men’s table. So who wants to act like Clive and Donald? Swear and curse your employees. Be aggressive to everyone. Be a billionaire one day and poor the next and back to rich again. These rich man gamble their money in investments and lose some and win some. The idea is to keep ahead. The clue is to win at the cost of maybe losing all. But when you lose all you are so aggressive that you just get right back on your feet again and make millions of dollars. The worldly people love these aggressive money makers. 
Both Donald and Clive have their followers. Clive is a member of our Federal Parliament; Donald is on the way to be elected as the Republican nominee for President of the USA. THE BLUSTER; yes the bluster of Clive and also the bluster of Donald. All bluster. A bluster gun. 
I don’t like rich people buying their way in to politics. I don’t doubt their success but it’s success in money. People just love money. Most people love money. Or do we all love money? Clive as Prime Minister of Australia? Please no, no no no. Donald as President of the USA? Please no. But the world elects their own. The world sees Donald as a success but this success is seen through the eyes of the world and not through the eyes of heaven. Having the mind of Jesus Christ is different from having the mind of the world. 
Jesus says “It is hard for a rich person to get in to heaven as it is hard for a camel to go through the eye of a needle”. The wise people prepare for the after life; the fool is only interested in this life. This life is very short compared to the eternal life. Lose your life to save your life. Sow seeds for immortality not mortality. The flesh will grow old and tired and die. The soul will go on after the flesh dies. Love your soul and look after your soul. And for the ELECT you will get new bodies in the SECOND COMING.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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