Let’s be focussed here – let’s keep our eye on the ball. ISIS are trouble. Terrorists are trouble. Jihads are trouble. But who is the real enemy to the free world of Christian based life? Terrorists come and go. But the DRAGON is here to stay. The Dragon has its church the snakes. The Dragon is Asian. The Dragon is the enemy of Christ. The snakes are the enemy of Christ. Snakes serve the Dragon. Spiritual entities within bodies. 

China is looming as the Dragon throne. 
The free world needs to uphold the rights of the Jews in Israel. The blessings come through the Jews. We are blessed if we bless the Jews. God no doubt has not forgotten his first ELECT. Christ came from the Jews. 
The enemy of the Jews (Israel) are the half brothers of Israel. It seems that the half brothers of Israel are the Arabs and the Arabs have their religion – Islam. Israel will fight it out with Islam – to the death. 
Israel has its enemy – Islam, and the Christians have their enemy – the Dragon with its snakes (spiritual entities in bodies). 
The Dragon has set up its own religions. Asia is known to be predominantly Buddhist in religion. There are a number of Dragon religions. 
If Israel fights it out to the death with Islam, will Christians fight it out to death with the Dragon/snakes? 
Islam hates the free west (with its Christian ideals) for supporting Zionist Israel. Islam hates Christianity because it came out from the Jews/Israel. 
But Islam is not the Christians main enemy. The Dragon and snakes are the Christians main enemy. 
If there is a holocaust, a big burning, a big sacrifice, it could be say action between China and the USA. This would be the ultimate holocaust. This burning will be world wide. 
But there is also the big burn, holocaust, in Israel. Israel burning. Israel sacrificed. 
So there could be two big fire baptisms. Baptism is a way of cleansing. Fire burns out the sins. 
The first cleansing of this world was done by water. Noah and the Ark. Noah and his family survived the baptism of water, no one else survived, except they say animals and birds etc. 
God uses water and fire to cleanse his people and the earth and world. 
Will God use nuclear weapons to cleanse the earth? It’s up to conjecture.
Maybe the Arabs (half brothers to the Jews) hate the Christians and Jews because the Jews and therefore the Christians are people of the PROMISE. Abraham had two sons. One son Isaac being of Gods promise and the other son born of a slave not being blessed with Gods promise. This act of God in not blessing the Arabs with promise obviously has upset the Arabs and in their jealously they have learnt to hate the people of Gods promise.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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