I can not understand why Mardi Gras has to be about gadding about with as few clothes as possible. Common Sense dictates that we cover up. Ok you might say people are just about clothes less at the beach. Granted. But at the beach it’s about the sun and swimming. So these Mardi Gras – Are they going to be a game changer as to how a lot of people dress in the future? Can we walk around the city just in our jocks? They might say covering oneself is religious church conformity dogma. Decency in dress is a form pushed on to society by church and its religion. Why not walk about the streets in jocks? I mean dress like fairies with wings and walk in to a super market. 
I can not understand why homosexuality is linked to fairies, I mean these people in the Mardi Gras dress with wings. 

Why is homosexuality linked to many bright colours? 
Can not homosexuals write books and inform us uneducated people about their sexual orientation. We want to understand. 
And SPERM in the male testicles, is this sperm not meant to fertilise an egg in the female. 
The whole spectacle at a Mardi Gras is somewhat baffling. 
Granted in the 1960’s there was the flower power rage. Heterosexuals were preaching open sex. This was the outing and freeing of sexuality. The youth came together in big events staying for many days and nights, sleeping rough, and no doubt smoking pot and indulging in free sex. It was bringing sex “out” from the married adults bedroom. I think the flower power people were youth who wanted sexual freedom away from the grown up old fuddy duddy adults.  
Are homosexuals trying to put homosexuality in our faces and say we do sex like this and we like it. 
Sex used to be in the bedroom and it was only for adults. Now there’s pressure on young children barely out of kindergarten to have sex. Now how can a 10 year old have sex? Pornography only encourages jerks. The world is becoming a world of jerks. 
People like to think life is meant to be a spectrum of many tastes. And that goes for sex. Sex has many varieties of tastes. Life is meant to have many colours. Just black and white is boring. We want to live a wide range of normalities. 
But all this colourful lifestyle seems to be living outside the conventional wisdom and teachings of Christ. The headship of Christ is erroneously shut out. There seems to be no Christ headship in all this Mardi Gras. Wisdom goes with the headship of Christ.  
The flower power people brought heterosexual sex out from the adults bedroom and into the hands of the youth and on to the world stage and this looks like being against God. Now sex is in ones face day and night. Youth in the past wanted what the adults had. Youth wanted to smoke cigarettes because adults did. Youth wanted to have sex because adults were doing it. Youth in girls wanted to put make up on because female adults were doing it. Youth wanted to drink alcohol because adults did. Youth wanted to watch sex movies because adults did.
People like Hugh Hefner made it rich on people bringing sex centre stage and in everyone’s faces. 
In the second coming – will we see Jesus Christ walking around in just skimpy jocks revealing most of His backside? 
Will a Pope in the future wear just his jocks to a Mardi Gras? 
I don’t mind homosexuals coming “out of the closet” as the saying goes. By all means come out. But please homosexuals don’t rub your sex in our faces. Religion to many is a private thing so sex can be a private thing. People don’t like religion pushed in their faces, don’t rub homosexuality in our faces. I think homosexuals have been discriminated and to the extreme in many cases. Homosexuals should be able to live out their lives without being cursed, abused at, or physically hurt. Human rights is for everyone. I think homophobia comes from a lack of understanding. Homosexuals need to try and explain in simple terms about their sexual orientation. Why do homosexuals have weak wrists? I mean to me strong wrists are essential for love making. So we want the truth, the truth will set us free.
Strong wrists are used for sowing seed, physical seed (semen) and spiritual seed. The stronger wrists one has the more mature one is. But strong wrists, is this just for men? Women and girls do not have strong wrists. The male is the sower. We sow and we reap. Seed sown spiritually is in words. Spirit is in our hearts. Strong wrists make a strong human spirit. A strong human spirit makes a strong heart. Homosexual men seem not to have strong wrists, therefore their hearts are not strong and they do not sow seed the way heterosexuals can sow seed. Homosexuals seem to be outside the procreating system of the human race and therefore don’t commit to contributing to the continuation of the human race. But why? Why are there human beings born that don’t contribute to procreation? Is such God given?
So to sum it up, the male is the sower and sows seeds in to Mother Earth. The Mother Earth is the mother of the human race. The mother has a husband. The mother is a wife. The husband sows his seed in to his wife. The seed is to go with the egg and make another human. Males sow the seed, not females. The male has the words to sow too. The words came to the male first. The male sows words in to Mother Earth. The male has the headship over the Mother Earth. The mother submits to the headship of the male and receives the sowers seeds.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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