TODAYS THOUGHTS (amongst others) for 29th FEBRUARY 2016

This morning on awakening my first thoughts were about Cardinal George Pell. I mean the instant I woke I thought of George. 
My thoughts went like this: George if you tell the truth at this inquest today you will perjure yourself. Why? If you George say today that you knew about abusing priests then you told a lot of lies to the inquest commission in the past. In the past you said you knew nothing about abusing priests. And you may be committing a crime against the laws of Australia if you have lied to the inquest commission. With a criminal offence could come jail or a big fine. So my thoughts are: George you have already started to dig your hole. 

BUT my thoughts also went that George has told God in prayer all about Georges lies etc. And who is to judge a man who has his master as God. George like all of us in the body (not necessary a church denomination) of Christ are just servants serving a master. God is merciful and forgiving. You can get away with lying to the church and the world but you can not get away with lying to God himself. My thoughts went to the human body. The hand if it sins is not punished by say the foot. No parts of the body punish other parts. Only the head can punish. The head is in charge of all the parts of the body. The hand if it sins can confess to the head. The head of God is all loving. Love forgives. George to me will continue to lie to the inquest today. George will afterwards just move on. George likes his job at the Vatican and to me I think he will continue to work there. 
My thoughts this morning then went from George to a television evangelist I saw for a few seconds on tv last night. Joyce Meyer. Joyce is a real motivational speaker. People just lap up what she says and writes. Joyce preaches riches. Get rich on God. Pray and believe and you will prosper. Happiness comes from being rich. Get your BMW car from God. The American Dream is all about being rich. The American Dream of wealth seems to come from Los Angeles. It’s like a lot of the prosperity preachers are bred in California. The USA is the dollar capital of the world. The USA dollar rules. A lot of the church has embraced the USA dollar. [But Gods teaching seems to teach that riches and money are not to be embraced]. The prosperity preachers based in California have Hollywood and its movie industry to ratify riches as the all inspiring gods. 
God in Jesus teaches that we are not to worship or love money. Actually God is simplicity and money and its systems make complexity. Our bodies are meant for simple living, simple foods and straight thinking. The more rich foods we eat the more likely we are to sin. Simple foods keep our waste out. We have to get the wastes out of our bodies. Rich dining means our plumbing in our bodies is complicated and we get constipated. Preaching riches is constipation. A true prophet knows that to embrace the world’s systems clogs up the mind and body. 
Prophets of God are known to live apart from the world’s systems. Prophets are known to cut themselves completely off from the world. Such people are known to be hermits and live alone for long periods of time. Prophets see. They see and understand. Prophets are known for their keen insight. Insight alone is not enough for a Prophet to know the truth. There are many Prophets who have had keen insight but they lacked Gods wisdom. John the Baptist a keen insightful Prophet of God lacked wisdom. Jesus in his time in this world displayed both insight and wisdom. Both Jesus and John disdained riches and money. 
So these television evangelists may lack insight. Every young person growing up wants to be rich. Simplicity is looked on as boring. Young people love watching Hollywood movies. Hollywood is about the American Dream. We dream of riches from our youth to the grave. We think God is complex. We make complex ourselves as our gods. These television evangelists no doubt in their youth worshipped money. These preachers when young coveted money and riches. So when these preachers got to an older youthful age where they could ratify their riches, and when they also came into fundamentalist Christianity, then with both their aggressive pushy hormonal bodies and heads, they combined riches with God and themselves. God was going to make them rich. And these preachers were so determined in their getting rich in this world from God that many people also believed them. These preachers and the people had the American Dream to back them up. And most people in this world want to be very rich so these preachers have all the converts they want. 
Jesus in his time in this world would have tried to keep away from money. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for money. Money is the Beasts domain. The MARK OF THE BEAST is about the money system. The Mark is more than money, it’s control. These television evangelists in their prosperity preaching are leading souls maybe one day to take the Mark of the Beast. Without the Mark people will not be able to buy and sell at the official markets. These television evangelists use God to make them and others rich. But do others really get rich from this prosperity preaching or are these preachers just themselves getting rich off the people?
So is it “If you can not beat them join them” or try and live apart from the world “Live in the world but not off the world”. 
A true prophet knows that God wants us to live apart from the world. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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