In all my thinking today I have had two strong threads of thought. I have now retired for the day. It’s evening and I am now reflecting on my day. So what were my two main thought processes today? No not sex. But the desires of the flesh are there present on the fringes and they often try and get hold of my thoughts. 

My two main thoughts were:
(1) Was water before everything else? Was the universe made from water? Ok God existed first but does God need water to exist? Did God come from water? Maybe God does not need water because in my thinking water only exists on this earth. Or God to need water to exist that would mean God is limited to staying only on this earth and me thinks that God does not want to be limited. So God and water existed before the universe was made. Water is hydrogen and oxygen. Water is life; life comes from water; life came from water; God is life and did he come originally from water? Without water life can not exist. Plants and animals and fish and humans need water to exist. Existence came from water. WATER IS LIFE. Before the universe water was and God was. God is Spirit. Does spirit need water to exist? God Spirit in the beginning may have existed in water. 
All thinking and nothing proved. 
(2) My second main thinking centred on “Soul mate” and “Spirit mate”. I was single for a long time. I married late in my life. So I experienced a lot of loneliness. In other words I did not have a soul mate for a long time. I did have God in me from my middle 20’s. But can God be a persons soul mate? Do you call God your soul mate? Does God have a soul? God is Spirit but is he also soul? Jesus Christ Gods Son must have a soul; Jesus is a person as we are a person. Jesus became a human being just like us and he resurrected and rose as a human being; the first fruits of all those who will later rise. But does the Father God have a soul? Or is Jesus the soul of the God Head? 

If God is soul through Jesus Christ and we have a relationship with God then do we need another soul mate? Like do I need a woman soul mate? In all my single years that I was in a relationship with God I felt that I needed a woman soul mate. It seemed God was a Spirit mate and not a soul mate; I could be wrong. I needed more than just a Spirit mate I needed more I needed a woman soul mate. When I married I got a soul mate and only then did all my loneliness evaporate. So God is Spirit BUT is God also soul? God has thoughts and emotions, does he not? Soul is thoughts and emotions, so say the experts. 

I think God can be a “Spirit mate” but we also need a “Soul mate”. For me it was my wife who became my soul mate. 
But what do I know?
Back to water. 

I think water can provide all the energy we humans need. Water is hydrogen and oxygen and hydrogen is the energy source of energy sources. We already have the Hydrogen bom. As long as humans have water they can carry on living. I don’t believe there is water outside earth. Earth to me is Gods foot stool. God lives in the Church, the Body of Christ. God is understood to us through METAPHOR and ANALOGY. God is SPIRIT. God is a real, three persons in one. God is mystery. Jesus lives – where? A mystery.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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