LETTER TO MATTHEW (reply to a comment put on post “Jesus Christ the True Prophet”)

Hi Matthew

Thank you for sending me your comments. I have mused over them for a few days now. To be honest I have also tried to shy away from them too. Why? Well you want feed back and I am only too ready to know that I know nothing and God knows all. Yes God is in me. But I still am unsure (as is the next believer) about my conviction in my faith. What is truth? Pilate said this question to Jesus. But Jesus ignored the question. Why? Because the truth was looking Pilate in the face. Jesus was standing in front of Pilate, meaning? The Truth is Jesus. You don’t ask God or his Son what is truth. God is truth. Pilate had opportunity to ask Gods Son many questions, only as long as Pilate recognised Jesus as Gods Son and worshipped Him as such. We have God within. We in spirit and soul can recognise Gods Spirit, worship Him in Spirit and ask Him questions. 
There was a boy who wanted answers. This boy was seeking the truth. Arthur was his name. Arthur went to many countries. Arthur went to many so called scholars and wise men. Arthur asked these men intelligent questions. Arthur wanted answers to life. Arthur wanted “to know” “to be in the know”. Pilate on seeing Jesus said “what is truth”? Truth was looking Pilate in the face; the answers to life were looking Arthur in the face. Arthur traveled world wide seeking his answers but the answers were not “out there”. If the answers were not out there where were they. If it’s not out its in. Arthur travelled for 15 years, he studied under many wise men and scholars in universities and colleges. Arthur came home still feeling and thinking he was no wiser than when he first left on his quest. Arthur went to his dying father. The father was dying of old age. Arthur sat at his fathers bedside day and night. Nothing was said. Then after about a week Arthur’s father motioned his son to come near him. “What is it father”? Arthur said. “Son” the father said, “All true answers lie within”. Then the father died. 
We humans are essentially spirit and soul. God also is Spirit. The answer lies in Gods Spirit. When we invite Jesus Christ in to our hearts Gods Spirit comes in to our heart. The wise person will say to the person seeking the meanings to life that the meaning to life lie within. Meaning can mean purpose. We want to know our God given vocation. Without knowing and doing our God given vocation we feel empty in our hearts. Most people do not know their true vocation. So most people live out an “act”. We people are like actors on the world stage. We live with our masks on over our faces. We know no better. Everyone seems to be in the same boat, few have removed their masks. Those true seekers in their youth usually also end up wearing masks. I mean you have to earn a living, you have to eat, provide for a family etc. You can not take off your mask, you wear it day and night. 
To find truth is very hard. To find ones true vocation is very hard. Pilate could not see truth when it was right in front of him. The truth is right in front of us. That’s if we have the truth within. Jesus is the truth. Spirit and soul are immaterial. We are mortals and we value material so much. But to relate in spirit and soul we must think apart from all our attachments to things of this world. Our car, our house, our mobile phone etc. The wise man to find truth might go away from even all people and live alone like a hermit. Thoughts have to be pure and un attached to physical. What sets our thoughts free? Truth does. We want to be FREE. Free thinking. Free to reflect. So we seek truth to be free.
Apostle Paul does not make us free. Apollos does not make us free. Your college teachers do not make us free. The Bible scripture does not make us free (there is some freedom here as there is light here from the scriptures) ONLY Jesus Christ makes us completely free. We do not worship the bible. The bible is not God the person. The bible is the WILL of God. Here are two wills of God, with the later will superseding the first will. God is a man of His Word. God stands on His Word. Gods Words are supreme. God is the WORD. The bible has the word of God in it (but not perfect word). The bible is Gods Words as we know them. God uses people to get his messages out to the human race. God uses mortals to be his messengers and these messengers can sin. The bible, because man is mortal and errant, can have errors in it. The bible is now in many versions and errancy can get in. God can inspire people to do things or think things but the result can not always be perfect. God is in to inspiring people but often these people can also diverse in to say humanism. What person is without sin? Everyone is a sinner. No human except Jesus can say they are sinless. The bible words are the best and closest words we have to Gods will and we should honour that. Nothing is perfect in this world and that goes for the bible too but let’s make the best of what we have. And it’s the TRUTH that sets us free and even if the bible may have errancy, such errancy can be very little as we hope the scholars that wrote it were wise people. I find the words in the bible full of truth but I am also ready to be open in my mind to any error. We have tensions in the body about women and their teaching and preaching. Tensions exist and they exist maybe because of error in the bible. There are a number of tensions in the body of Christ towards scripture. Now we are having tension about homosexuality. Some believe gay is ok others do not. The body is in tension, hearts are in tension. What is truth? Pilate asked this. But Pilate asked The truth “what is truth”? sound nonsense, yes. We the body are asking the head what is truth. The head has the truth but we the body would rather think that we know how to do things. Ever seen a body builder; a puny head on top; their body comes before their head; they glory the body not the head. So still we do not know “Truth”. 
Matthew you seemed to have prior expectations before you went to the Dallas Theological Seminary. Preaching like Paul did. The bible is all inerrant. 
I like to think enlightenment comes over time. Light over comes the darkness. We must be patient. We might not know until we are very old. They say “wisdom comes with age”. 
We follow Jesus not Paul. I went to a bible college. I lived on campus for a few years. I was searching for answers but I found nothing of consequence from my studies. It was just assignments and exams that I dished out to please the teachers. The teachers told me where to find the intellectual food in man inspired books and I put this food together in a palatable lot and fed it to the teachers. If the food tasted ok then I was marked high. Actually I found college and schooling was based on intelligence. The higher intelligence you had the better you did at your studies. I also found that teachers admired and favoured those students who were of high intelligence. Low intelligent students were not bothered with much by the faculty. Ability is intelligence and the world fawns over ability. But intelligence has become a god, especially in schooling. I like to learn by experience. Experience can teach us better than high intelligence can teach us at times. Not everyone has high intelligence but everyone can learn from experience. And having high intelligence does not mean God favours them, that action of favouring is mans wisdom. God looks at the heart. Man looks at the mind. 
Matthew thank you again for sharing your comments with me. But when it comes down to the level “I know nothing, God knows all”. But I have the mind of Christ (so says the scriptures). And with this mind I hope I have been of help. 
To cap it off I feel and sense I have not made it plainly clear about whether the Bible is ALL truly Gods WORDS. God is a person three persons in one. The bible is a book not a person. We do not worship books. We do not worship holy books. We worship the author (God) of the bible. We esteem and uphold the authors writings. The bible can be errant, why? Because the messengers can be errant. God gives His will through His messengers. The bible is Gods will. 
We want to be FREE in the collective subconscious and the collective conscious. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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