I am glad gays are coming out. Why not? Why hide anymore? What the bogey man is going to get you? Gays should not be proud but be brave. I know gays can not be straight; I suppose that means they are bent. And what is bent meant to mean? I like straight talk, straight talk means truth and not hiding in the dark. I suppose what I am saying about gays coming out is come out in to the light. Are you gays ashamed of being gay so you lurk in the dark and shadows? I like truth. Truth sets us free. If gays are truthful that is good; I hate lies. 
There should be no pride in being gay. Drop the pride. Pride goes before a fall. 
I don’t understand homosexuality. As I don’t understand pedophillier. Homosexuality and all these other sexual orientations outside the sex between a man and a woman seem so unnatural. 
But what do I know? 
I mean look at other creatures, they copulate male to female. Even the plants have male and female parts. Or we call the parts male and female. The Catholic Church upholds the family unit. Family is very important to Catholics; that is why they hate abortion. Catholic doctrine can not accept male and male and female and female when there is no procreation in it. Procreation is about sex. But sex a lot now a days is about pleasure, just pleasure. Sex is not just about procreation now a days. Sex is also a lot now about perversion. Sex has lost its deepness. It’s about the skin and looks. It’s about jerks. It’s about porn. Sex now is a lot just skin deep. Sex has become abuse. Abuse to both partners. Abuse can be a form of rape. 
So how does a man find his soul mate? A female wants a mature man if she is in her right way of mind. Maturity means he is spiritually grown. Maturity means he is firmly rooted and growing upwards (like a plant). A female then wants to have feelings for a man. Her feelings are in her heart. Then a female wants a man who is financially stable. The man must have say a career. A career means the man can support his wife in to old age. A female wants a good home. It is understood that overall the man must be in good health. 
Even though I find sexuality outside that between a man and a woman unnatural I like the fact that gays are coming out. We should not gay bash. Gays have their human rights like everyone else. 
Calling gays poof etc is not helping.
Gays just need to be truthful.

We love truth and hate lies.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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