Mobile phones (and tablets) should also have an option to be charged solar. 
Do we always need the grid? 
Every house should have solar power. Houses in colder less sunny climates can not benefit from solar as much as houses say in Africa or Australia.

In this system are all the planets, moons etc that orbit around our sun. 

The sun therefore is the central fixture that ALL physical bodies go around. 

The sun is central to all physical bodies. 

Human bodies being physical can also be fixated on the sun. 

There (Are) have been religions and cults that have worshiped the sun.

All physical looks up to the sun.

Humans even love the sun.

The sun gives off massive energy.

Physical worship of the sun means humans adore the sun and they wash (bathe) in the sun (sunbathe). 

Humans think bathing in the sun will give them better health. 

Humans worship the above, power lives in the above, we want to go to the above, the sun is above, we see the sun day in day out.

The sun gives off light. We need light. We love the light. Light is good for health. We see with light. We want light. 
ALL physical might go around the SUN. But ALL spiritual goes around the SON. The SON is JESUS CHRIST. Human spirit needs to worship the SON not sun. The SON is the begotten SON of GOD. The SON is central to ALL spiritual just as the SUN is central to ALL physical. 
The people who are more physically orientated than spiritually orientated will seek out the sun to worship. They see less need or want to bathe (wash) in Gods cleansing WORDS. Bathing in Gods Words cleanses one of sins. Physically orientated people see more of a need to bathe in the sun. The sun to them is the healer. The spiritual person sees God as the healer. 
So we have the spiritual person and the physical person both leaning in opposite directions. 
The sun may help but the SON will help for eternally. The SON is the wiser God to worship. Don’t worship the sun.
We bathe in water

We bathe in sunlight

We bathe in Gods Words
We think bathing in these above 3 will cleanse us and therefore heal us. 
Bathing in the above does bring healing. But we need to prioritise the 3. 
It should be first God Words then water then the sunlight. But we worship only the Son. We worship ONE God. We don’t worship sunlight or water. Gods Words are only eternal. God is the living Words; God is Spirit.
Can we do without the head? Can we have a headless body? Can we live without the body? Can we just be a head without the body? The head needs the body and the body needs the head, both can not survive without the other. We NEED the GodHead. We are the body and we need the head. We are in the body but the head is in charge. God is the HEAD, we are the body. God rules above in the HEAD in WORDS. We worship the GodHead. The GodHead comes first before anything else. We need the brains (And senses in the head). Without words we can not think. Thinking is in words. We humans are homosapiens, that means we think. Only humans out of ALL creatures are homosapiens – thinkers. Can humans survive without water? No. Can humans survive without sunlight? Maybe. Can humans survive without the head? no. God is in the head as well as in the body (in heart). So we need God in the head first. We need water. And sunlight is necessary maybe.
The sun really is necessary because without the sun the earth won’t be in its orbit. We need to orbit the sun. We need it for many things; there’s for one gravity. 

Though all physical orbits around the sun, we do not worship the sun; we are spirit in the heart that worships the Head. God is called the God Head. The brains come first. The heart is under the head not on top of the head. The head is above the heart and body. The body worships the head. The head is alive. The body is alive.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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