Yesterday I was in the city. I did my usual pilgrimage when I am in the city and went to my regular spiritual haunt a chapel. This chapel stands out as a place of prayer. You get the regulars who come here during the week to indulge in meditation. The priest here also looks sound. 

There is this lady who comes in regular. She is in her 30’s or 40’s. I keep to myself in this chapel and don’t make small talk to anyone. Especially not to women. Now and then my spirit gets connected up to people and thoughts come. Yesterday this lady in question connected up to me. My thoughts went as follows: She was moving hand luggage in a plane. She was an air stewardess. Now I even saw she had the looks that go with an air stewardess. Now my connections with other people are not always as good as this one I just wrote about. A lot of my connections seem to be from dirty spirits being dirty and such connections I try and end very quickly. It’s like people trying to make conversation to me dirty but I like to avoid the such. So it’s nice when I get good connections as I did with this air stewardess. Now I know nothing about this said lady but I know what I thought and perceived was sound. I perceive also that looks go with callings. My guess is this lady in question has never worked on a plane. Does she know Gods calling on her life? Was she listening to her inner thoughts during our connection? Did she hear in her inner thoughts about her air stewardess calling? I don’t know. 
I have told people their God callings in the past but people just think I am being stupid. They get all blase (indifferent); it’s like “Who do you think you are, are you a nutter”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




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